Goodbye bans and taboos: freedom is finally a woman

Goodbye bans and taboos: freedom is finally a woman

For a long time they told us what a woman could do and what not. Now that's enough, our compass must be one: the right to be happy

They told us all our lives what we had to do and what we shouldn't do. Being beautiful, good, good, of real princesses. Treating our appearance, being feminine, finding a good husband to care for, having children and respecting all that our role as women imposes on us. Now stop. Dear women, the time has come to understand that we can do everything we want, and that the only thing we really have to do is to aim to be happy.

The pink skirt and high heels are fine, but a woman has every right to wear baggy jeans and comfortable shoes, to neglect make-up and not to follow fashion. If you like sculpting, boxing or becoming a body builder why shouldn't you? You could become Olympic sports champions often considered exclusively male, such as throwing weight: since 2012 we have the right to compete in any discipline at the Olympics.

Women who prefer to devote themselves to a career rather than to their family are still pointed out, something that certainly does not happen for men. And even in the choice of profession, the girls are amused towards jobs considered feminine: but what's wrong with a woman manager or a truck driver? Until 1963 we could not access all the jobs or professions (for example the career in the Judiciary was impossible for us) and until 1981 we could not work in the Police. Fortunately times have changed, and today we can choose the work we like best: why then do we set limits?

It is often thought that for us women traveling alone is dangerous, but is it really? Perhaps yes, but he took the necessary precautions and being careful not to get us into trouble, we are perfectly capable of doing so. There is no need for a carer, for a man to take care of us: we know how to take care of ourselves very well, and we can enjoy an adventure even without blue princes.

But let's get to the sex chapter. If male masturbation is a practice seen by all as normal, female masturbation is often still a taboo. It is hard to talk about it even among friends, and often the mere mention of it generates embarrassment. Even making the first move when we like someone is usually considered inconvenient. It is thought that it is in the nature of things that man takes the first step, and that he must always pay the bill. But who said it should be like this? Rather than waiting in vain, it is better to jump in and take the first step and, why not, give us the pleasure of being us to offer dinner. We can (indeed: we must!) Woo the man who made us lose our minds exactly as he does with us. And as for marriage … if you want it so much, why shouldn't you be the one kneeling in front of him and making the fateful proposal to him?

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