Goodbye beautician! Now you can do it yourself at home and it costs you very few euros!

Risparmiare beauty routine

With these little tricks you can say goodbye to the enormous costs of the beautician! A few euros are enough for a beauty salon result!

The beauty routine it is necessary for every woman at any age, but often costs a lot.

Save beauty routine

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How many products do we use every day? How much does each cost us? And how much is the sum?

Of course, let’s face it: we want to take care of ourselves and to do it, we strive for the best for us and our skin.

But beware: saving does not necessarily mean giving up, but not poor quality either.

We can spend little even while preserving the quality of the products we use. Also because we must always keep in mind that we don’t mess with the skin and therefore we must not skimp on the beauty routine.

In the same way, however, we don’t even have to spend exorbitant amounts: can we find a middle ground between quantity, quality and cost? Of course. Here’s how we can save on the beauty routine without giving up anything.

Here’s how to save on the beauty routine

To understand how we can save on the beauty routine without sacrificing the quality of the products, we must first consider that we often use very different products and that these must be treated in quite different ways.

Save beauty routine

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A few examples? While for some specific creams – such as those for the eye contour – we can safely choose low cost brands, for the serum it would be better to avoid and choose products of the highest quality.

There is one though: this it is a super concentrated product, which means that you just need to use very few drops a day to get the best results, so in this case we must learn to be thrifty to save.

With regard to the other products for the face, the same speech made for the eye contour will be fine: yes to low-cost products, as long as they contain the active ingredients we need (for example, we cannot neglect sun filters).

And body creams? Here the speech is simple: there are XXL formats, which will make us spend much less than the standard ones.

For as regards, for example, enamels, it is enough to consider that there are also many of them in department stores, which cost very little and that they are often also produced by houses considered “big” so to speak.

Having said that, we can speak in general. Please note that in all stores you will certainly find offers. This means that you should consider those before the brand itself: very often it happens that, with the same quality, some brands offer offers that others do not offer.

This means that, at least from time to time, you may want to avoid buying the product you are fond of and choose another one that costs less, but is just as effective and suitable for your skin.

For example, often many shops have offers like “buy 2 and get 3” and so on. It is often common opinion that this automatically means poor quality, but this is not necessarily the case.

Also sometimes there are whole packages that contain multiple products together. For example, we can find a day and a night cream, or a make-up product and a skin care product, or two different but complementary products (such as cream and scrub, just to name a couple).

Please note that even pharmacies often allow us to save: in fact, often these offer discounts of up to 30% on cosmetics and also those that sell many times are also suitable for those who have particularly sensitive skin or have some allergies.

And it doesn’t end there, because often these also organize promotional days, where you can get both a free consultation and discounts and free products.

There are also stores that allow you to get your loyalty card, which will give you exclusive access to several benefits.

There are also some very trivial tricks, but just as useful. For example, often too take advantage of the free samples that many shops give you can be very useful.

Consider that they often last several days, so they allow you to use a product – maybe even an excellent one – without having to spend anything and even several times in a row.

That said, you have to consider other things as well: for example, when you walk into a shop to buy beauty products, you must also consider the deadline. Even the elements of beauty routines have one and we cannot neglect it.

If you buy a product that expires after a few weeks, considering that some can last even months, you will come to a certain point where you will have to throw it away even if it is not finished and this will be inevitable.

Can you somehow prevent this from happening? Of course. Just check the label for the so-called PAO – that is “Period After Opening” – which will indicate precisely the period in which the product can be used without risk.

Then there is one thing that many women do: try to try all products to find the right one.

On the one hand it could also be an excellent method, because in this way you will test the subjective effectiveness of the product on yourself, but on the other hand you will spend a fortune in the long run.

Instead, you should first understand – with the help of a dermatologist for example – what is the perfect beauty routine for you and your skin type. Including this, you will be able to understand which product to opt for specifically.

Keep in mind that very often it is enough to rely on shop orders, which will be able to show you the best of those available, or even read the reviews on the internet (now almost everyone has them).

Also you should read – arming yourself with a lot of patience – the ingredients of the product you want to buy, because, however fast you may be, you should learn to understand if there are some that are not right for you and thus avoid spending unnecessary money to buy products that contain them.

However, it can happen buy products that don’t turn out to be very useful in the end. How to do in that case? You can use them for other things.

An example? If you have bought a face cream and you realize that it is excessively “heavy” for your skin and is not delicate enough, you can simply use it for your hands, or for the body.

They also exist low cost alternatives more or less for each product. We can give some examples. The tonic – which generally does not cost very little – can be replaced by a hydrolate, which is cheap, but has more or less the same effect.

And again, make-up products can be replaced by so-called dupes, which are cheap imitations of extra luxurious products. Generally the final effect is practically the same and the quality is not very different.

The only thing to do in this case is to always check the labels, to avoid finding harmful ingredients such as parabens.

We must always keep in mind then that often different brands of the same group have very different costs, so it is good to choose the one that costs less.

And then we must consider that on the market there are balms that, if left on for a few minutes, have practically the same effect as a mask, but cost much less.

Then there are multipurpose products that are really effective but that allow us to really save a lot.

Finally, always remember to look at the online stores, which often offer discount codes and therefore allow you to save on all beauty routine products and to make the comparison between different stores, since sometimes different chains have different prices.

Since we live in an era in which sadly high prices are king, here is also how to save 20% on the air conditioner.

In any case, now we also know how to save on the beauty routine.

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