Goodbye chipped stockings: the indestructible tights arrive

Goodbye chipped stockings: the indestructible tights arrive

They are made of Kevlar, the fabric used for bullet-proof vests, the indestructible tights of the start-up Sheerly Genius. On sale from the end of the year, it will cost $ 79.

It is one of every woman's fashion nightmares, the chipped tights. Especially when you choose to wear a pair of light tights, 15 or 20 denier style, the fear is lurking: and if you take in a chair? Or maybe at that table with its edges? That's why, often, the only solution that seems obvious to us is to put one or more pairs of stockings in the bag. A solution that, however, prevents us from showing off that pretty cluctch bag …

Today, however, everything can change. In fact, it is foreseen for the indestructible pantyhose, that the problem would solve it at the root: simply tearing or piercing them will be impossible. The idea stems from a start-up company, Sheerly Genius, which – through a thorough research process – has managed to create indestructible tights, made with the same fabric used for bulletproof vests.

To succeed in its project, the company launched a campaign on Kickstarter, which was very well received by women. Moreover, a pantyhose that does not pierce or tear, has always been a bit of a mirage. And Kevlar, one of the strongest fibers in the world (five times stronger than steel), may be the solution. Due to its high resistance – even to flames -, it is now also used for garments designed for the most extreme sports, and for components of racing cars, boats and airplanes. Certainly he had not yet been put to the service of fashion.

Sheerly Genius tights, its creators promise, can be worn up to 50 times, and their appearance will be completely identical to that of traditional "competitors". They will be soft, and even anti-bacterial. Their cost? 79 dollars, but to buy them we will have to wait – except for problems – next fall. A wait that will be rewarded: the pantyhose have indeed passed with no less than 7 difficult tests. They are not damaged by Velcro, they are not damaged by nails. They do not even tear themselves to pull them hard, and they do not allow themselves to be scratched by the rings. Thus, you can wear without fear in any situation. Even with that famous, tiny, clutch …

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