Goodbye encrusted toilet: leave it inside all night, in the morning you will be amazed!

If you want to know how to clean your toilet, also eliminating encrusted dirt, halos and limescale, know that there is an infallible method that you would certainly never expect. Here’s what it is.

How often do you notice that your toilet is dirty and, for how much do you try to clean it, remains so?

Clean toilet bowl

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It happens very often, considering that above all the toilet should always be super clean (for obvious reasons).

Otherwise, germs, bacteria, dirt could spread, which would accumulate, form halos and would then be very difficult to eliminate.

Sometimes, however, it happens that, although we insist on cleaning our toilet every day, this however, it always remains encrusted: dirt can often be more stubborn than us.

In order not to spend a fortune on detergents – among other things, highly polluting ones – there is an economic solution: there is an infallible method to clean the toilet. But beware: you will never imagine what you will have to use.

Here’s how to clean the toilet while also removing encrusted dirt

Exists a really foolproof method to clean the toilet, even when it is very encrusted: you will simply have to use a product that you will almost certainly have at home, but that you will generally certainly use for another purpose.

Clean toilet bowl

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What is it about? Of the tablet for dishwashers. Yes, among the various tasks it performs, there is also this: it removes dirt that seems impossible to eliminate.

How to use it? Just put it in the toilet in the evening and leave it on overnight. The next morning you will notice that dirt, streaks and limescale will be completely eliminated.

Furthermore, if you should smell a bad smell coming from the exhaust pipes, don’t worry: the dishwasher tablet will eliminate that too.

For this to happen, you will need to heat 1.5 liters of water in a saucepan. When this has come to a boil, then, you simply have to insert the tablet inside, let it melt and pour it directly into the tubes. If that’s not enough, try also add a little white vinegar.

They exist anyway also other methods to clean the toilet at very low cost. A very effective one to remove all encrustations is bicarbonate mixed with white vinegar (to be diluted in a little water).

You can also decide to boil everything in the pot: in this way the mix will be even more powerful.

In any case, just let it all work for about half an hour and then flush the toilet.

Alternatively, you can also use citric acid. How? Putting some in a glass along with some dish soap. You just have to leave it for a few minutes in the toilet and you can also use it every day if you need it.

And again, an infallible remedy to clean the toilet and completely eliminate encrusted dirt is Coca Cola. Just let it act for a few hours and flush the toilet. Also in this case you can decide to heat it, without boiling it.

And again, a completely natural solution consists of hot water and salt, but know that this will be suitable for the lid and the seat, while for all the plastic parts, it would be advisable to simply wipe with a cloth moistened with this mix.

If you want to clean the encrusted oven, know that there is a revolutionary remedy for this too.

In any case, with these very simple tips, even cleaning the toilet will be really easy.