Goodbye hairdresser! Everyone is putting beer on their hair, the result is amazing

Many women are putting beer on their hair, so you will say goodbye to hairdressing costs – it is extraordinary!

You may never have, but many women nowadays use beer to take care of their own hair. But why do they use this ingredient?

beer in your hair


Well, if you want to add some blonde or light brown highlights to your hair without breaking the bank, then beer is for you. That’s right, this fantastic drink can be used as natural lightener and it is surprisingly effective. But how does it work? Read on to find out.

How to use beer on your hair

You can say goodbye to your hairdresser thanks to this simple ingredient. In fact, beer will be able to brightly lighten your hair. Hops are packed with proteins that help strengthen and to give hair shine, while malt and yeast both act as natural lighteners. When used as a rinse, this drink can lighten hair slightly and add subtle highlights. It is a gentle and natural way to to donate brightness to the locks. Ready to try? Here’s how to proceed:

alcoholic beverage


After washing your hair, rub some beer on scalp for about a minute or two. Apply light pressure to massage the product until you get a soapy sensation. You can also dip a bowl of beer into your hair and let it sit before rinsing it with beer. Then pour it directly on the hair e massage it gently on the roots for about a minute. The minerals in the drink, in addition to being beneficial for the skin, are also believed to be useful for the scalp. If you have one that tends to grease, it can prove to be very helpful.

Even if you have naturally blonde hair, you can use beer to lighten it. However, there is no scientific evidence that it is beneficial for a brittle scalp. This drink can be used as a hair rinse twice a month or whenever you think your hair needs it. Dipping your hair in beer can be really beneficial for the strands! Hops are a natural conditioning agent and can leave the silky and soft hair. In addition, it can help eliminate accumulated products and impurities.

So a beer rinse can be used to nourish the scalp and improve dryness. Additionally, it can stimulate circulation in existing hair follicles, resulting in one thicker and fuller hair. Beer is an astringent or deep cleanser for hair because it contains alcohol. Barley conditioner adheres to the hair cuticle to improve texture, general condition and shine. Beer can also be used as a conditioner in two different ways: as a deep conditioning treatment or as a leave-in conditioner (does not need any rinsing). So if you want to give your hair shine and shine, all you have to do is use a little beer!