Goodbye headache thanks to antibodies against pain

Goodbye headache thanks to antibodies against pain

Headache is a problem that makes life difficult for many people, which is why they are experimenting with antibodies that can overcome pain.

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Those who suffer from chronic headaches would do anything to get it through, unfortunately the drugs do not always give relief, which is why they are studying special antibodies.

The "silver bullets" against headaches
On the way a novelty for those suffering from chronic headaches: monoclonal antibodies against CGRP, a peptide involved in the appearance of the headache. For now, clinical trials are being carried out, but the first results bode well. The news comes directly from the congress of the Italian Society of Neurology, with lots of data obtained in the experiments.

CGRP stands for Calcitonin Gene Related Peptide, and is a vasodilator peptide that is involved in the process of transmitting pain signals during headaches. Doctors have noticed that at the time of migraine attack CGRP levels increase and then return to normal when the pain subsides.

The experiments carried out so far have shown that monoclonal antibodies can reduce the transmission of painful impulses by CGRP. In particular, one of the 4 antibodies in the study is able to reduce the frequency and intensity of painful crises caused by migraine by about 70%, simply by injecting this antibody (called Erenumab) into the patient subcutaneously once a month. The other monoclonal antibodies are: Eptinezumab, to be administered intravenously every 3 months; Fremanezumab, which is taken every month always intravenously; Galcanezumab, to be taken once a month with subcutaneous injection.

The Erenumab trade authorization process has already started so hopefully it will soon be available, the others are still under study. These antibodies will have a higher price than classic headache drugs and will be prescribed at the discretion of the attending physician, evaluating case by case, for patients suffering from severe chronic migraine or episodic migraine resistant to traditional treatments.

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