Goodbye ingrown hairs: from today we do waxing like this to prevent trouble!

Goodbye ingrown hairs: from today we do waxing like this to prevent trouble!

Have you just waxed and want to prevent the hated ingrown hair from appearing? We reveal the trick.

Waxing is certainly an effective method of hair removal, but even this is not a perfect method.

legs waxing ingrown hair


In fact, many people who choose to wax commit some common post-waxing mistakes which can contribute to the formation of ingrown hairs.

The trick to preventing ingrown hair

How many of us have waxed and found ourselves, overnight, with a series of annoying ingrown hairs?

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For this reason, we want to help you prevent them with a series of valuable advice. Let’s find out together.

Exfoliate before waxing as a trick to prevent ingrown hairs

To make your legs look flawless and prepare them for waxing, use a body scrub. Make sure you do it though several days before for best results.

Always keep your skin hydrated

In the days leading up to waxing, be sure to keep your skin hydrated with a nourishing body cream. In fact the skin hydrated facilitates hair removal as the follicles are softened. We suggest you do not apply any product on the skin on the day of waxing, so that the hair removal process goes as smoothly as possible.

Ask for the right type of wax

If you choose to go to a professional, look for one who is experienced in waxing, because there are many things that can go wrong. An experienced professional will most likely apply a hot wax, as it is much more effective for removing even the shortest hairs. It will proceed by removing the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth.

If, on the other hand, you decide to wax at home, use a kit with cold wax strips. However, these strips are not as effective at removing hair and can cause ingrown hair to form.

After waxing

Expect a slight redness of the skin after waxing – this is normal and can be remedied by applying a serum for ingrown hair. This treatment is formulated to cleanse pores, moisturize, soothe and prevent future ingrown hairs.

Avoid tight clothing

After applying the serum, we recommend that you avoid tight clothing that can rub on freshly shaved skin and cause irritation and the formation of ingrown hairs.

Exfoliate a few days after waxing

We absolutely do not recommend exfoliating immediately after waxing, as the skin can be a little red and irritated. Wait up at least two days to restart your exfoliating routine. In fact, exfoliation after waxing is an important part of the prevention of ingrown hair, because aids in the replacement of skin cells and prevents clogging of pores.

Create a waxing program

Waxing doesn’t have to be done just for special occasions or the holidays. Once you get into the waxing routine, you should do it every two to three weeks, depending on the speed of hair growth. A regular waxing it will help slow down the hair growth cycle and the more times the waxing is done, the less painful it will become.

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