Goodbye spots and masks: let’s avoid mistakes with bronzing powder

errori terre abbronzanti

Mistakes in applying bronzer can completely ruin a make-up: here’s what they are and how to avoid them!

Bronzer is a beloved cosmetic in summer, since it allows both to emphasize the tan both of shape the face thanks to contouring.

bronzer mistakes


But unfortunately it is very easy to run into small and big mistakes which can ruin the final effect but which, above all, end up giving our face an artificial look.

What must absolutely be avoided? Definitely the classic “Mask effect”, that is, the impression of having placed one on his face mask too dark which completely alters the color of the skin compared to that of the rest of the body.

Here are the most common snags when using bronzer and how to avoid them!

The 3 mistakes you should never make with bronzer

The main problems when applying this cosmetic essentially concern: the choice of color, the choice of texture and the application of the product.



1 – Choose the wrong color

The bronzing powder has the purpose of reproduce the effect of tanning on the face or at least accentuate the tan we already possess.

This means that the very function of this cosmetic implies that it has a different color from that of our natural complexion.

If this is perfectly normal and absolutely necessary, it is important choose a color that is only one tone darker compared to the color of our tanned skin.

Also it is important to choose the undertone well. In fact, it must be remembered that tanning “warms” everyone’s skin, therefore our complexion tends to become more golden, but the undertone remains unchanged.

Women since cold undertone they will therefore have to opt for beige bronzers or cold brown, while who has skin with a neutral or warm undertones they can easily orient themselves towards orange or peach bronzer.

2 – Apply too much earth and with the wrong brushes

The application of the bronzer should be done gradually. Anyone who is a novice should apply very little product at a time in order to gradually achieve the desired effect.

To apply too much product all at once has two disadvantages that should not be overlooked: the first is that spots are formed very difficult to blend or smooth out, the second is that the mask effect is guaranteed.

The right brush to apply the land is round, large and with compact and natural bristles. Using a large brush will allow you to easily obtain uniform and delicate shades, without the need to pass over and over again on the same point of the face. Here you can find a complete guide to using the various types of brushes for professional make-up!

3 – Apply the earth in the wrong places

Another mistake that you absolutely must avoid is apply the earth all over the face. On the contrary, this product must be applied only where natural shadows are generated he is alone starting from the outside of the face and pushing the product in.

In practice you will have to pass the brush “loaded” with product along the forehead, at the hairline, and then in the middle of the cheeks, just below the cheekbone, always starting from the ear and gently moving down the cheek.

If too much earth is applied elsewhere on the face, the effect will be unpleasant, absolutely artificial!

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