Goodbye tint: I want natural gray hair

Goodbye tint: I want natural gray hair

Stop dyeing your hair and leave it naturally gray: we explain how to make the transition in the least traumatic way possible

No longer be a slave to dye: how many of you have desired it at least once in your life? So why not try! Are you unsure why gray ages? Yes, it can be so, but between “I dye my hair to look younger and tidy” and “I leave my hair gray and I look like Grandma Abelarda”, there are many shades, and that's not a way of saying.

How to deal with the transition between dyed hair and naturally gray hair? Because this is undoubtedly the most critical moment. We asked an expert, the hairstylist Anna Cegliese for Concept Salon Compagnia della Bellezza Milano: "It is certainly a fact and a natural consequence of aging to have gray or white hair. Just as skin also loses brightness over time, it becomes grayer because it lacks brilliance ».


  • Why does hair turn gray
  • Stop dyeing and leave your hair natural
  • Gray hair yes, but which gray?
  • From tint to gray: the transition and which cuts
  • Trendy gray hair

Why does hair turn gray

Even the color of the hair, like that of the skin, changes according to the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to our hair. The first white hair usually appears around the age of 40, precisely because at this age the body reduces the production of melanin. Heredity also has a hand: this explains why there are people who have gray hair from an early age. According to some studies, in addition to hereditary predisposition, even belonging to ethnic groups would have its weight: the hair of Westerners turns gray before Asians or Africans. Not to mention the stress, called into question for everything.

Stop dyeing and leave your hair natural

As young people we experiment with coloring and tint shampoos to show off a different color from ours. But with the appearance of the first gray hair the need becomes to mask the advancing white. Thus, unless you have a naturally clear base, which allows you to better mask the whites, you become a slave to regrowth and therefore to dye. But if at some point in your personal war on white hair you feel tired of your choice, there is always a plan B: to leave your hair naturally gray. So, what are the fundamental aspects to consider and which best support this choice? Anna Cegliese has no doubts: «It is absolutely necessary to divide the women who give the green light to their gray hair into two chromatic types, since they have a cold temperament».

Caroline of Monaco

Caroline of Monaco (Getty Images)

Gray hair yes, but which gray?

«If“ worn ”by women who have a warm complexion, the gray of the hair will create shadows that weigh down the light of the face. To manage it in the best possible way and rigorously, it is necessary to use lipsticks with warm colors such as orange red, coral red and so on – Anna Cegliese explains – In this way, even the outfit must be tinged with bright and warm colors. If “worn” by women who have a fresh complexion, olive or very white skin and maybe even light eyes, gray hair becomes harmonious and allows us to show off make-up of any color ».

"One piece of advice I would like to give to perennial women to give brightness to their natural gray, is to try the Sunshine framher color service around the perimeter of the face to illuminate the frame, which will blend very well with the whites that are usually more present in the frontal area. While for the rest of the hair, leave room for the natural quantity of gray hair, which will give depth and movement between light and shadow ».

Company of Beauty

From tint to gray: the transition and which cuts

And now we come to the hardest part, which is how to go from "I have a dyed hair" to "I have a hair that shows my natural gray" as Caroline of Monaco did? Let's face it: three fingers of white regrowth and a long brown, fiery red or black hair, it is not beautiful to look at. Anna Cegliese's advice is therefore to give it a cut: "The gradual transition to the regrowth of one's natural color must be definitely supported by a tailored cut with a wow effect! that gives a fresh and elegant allure to the perennial woman and certainly not a vintage air. One of the proposals from the latest Oh My Sun collection by Compagnia della Bellezza is the pixie cut, characterized by a long fringe, close-fitting and loose sides, short but not too short hair on the nape. Or a shob cut characterized by soft layers that have a wind effect in the hair ».

Then it goes without saying that stopping dyeing your hair doesn't mean stopping taking care of it. Anna advises us: "Among the various products, the most effective are shampoos containing hyaluronic acid which replenish the hair fiber weakened by aging or various lightening processes. While to manage oxidation, the edelweiss will be an excellent anti-yellow ally ".

Trendy gray hair

Finally, the trendy gray. Read: gray hair on a young woman, that is all those who choose to artificially turn gray: "The real glamor trend that we have inaugurated for spring summer is Velvet titanium silver, and here an expert colorist will be able to best express his skills since it is a total blondness, decidedly accentuated in the front frame, with a sophisticated silver taste ». To keep this color of great effect at home it is necessary to follow a hair routine that will guarantee our hair a longer lasting shine. In the salon then you can use a reviving glossing service.

Velvet titanium, Company of Beauty

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