Gooseberries to fill up on fiber and antioxidants

Gooseberries to fill up on fiber and antioxidants

Rich in precious nutrients and versatile in the kitchen, it is a real cure-all for health

Gooseberries are a fruit characterized by benefits that are important to know. Before going into the details of the latter, remember that the most common varieties are European and American. As for the properties, it is worth mentioning the low calorie content first. When talking about the reasons why gooseberries are marvelous for health, it is important to mention the richness in both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Science has repeatedly spent on investigating the effects of these nutrients on health, focusing in particular on their role in weight control. Noteworthy in this regard is a scientific review that involved a team from Tufts University in Boston.

The experts in question have found that, in the case of food regimes characterized by an irregular energy supply, a fiber consumption of 14 grams per day for two days is associated with a reduction in caloric intake of about 10% and a drop weight of about 1.9 kg in a span of 3.8 months.

When discussing the benefits of dietary fiber, it is also crucial to mention their effect on the absorption of sugars, an aspect that has obvious advantages regarding the prevention of diabetes.

Going back for a moment to the parenthesis of antioxidants, it is appropriate to refer not only to the content of vitamin C, but also to that of vitamin E. Gooseberries are also a source of anthocyanins, natural pigments whose contribution is crucial for the maintenance of the visual and health efficiency of the urinary tract.

Much more could go on to talk about the benefits of gooseberries! In this category it is possible to include the positive effects on heart health, due to the presence of antioxidants and potassium, a mineral which is very important for the regularity of blood pressure.

To make the most of the properties of the gooseberry, it is best to consume it raw. This delicious fruit can be taken in several ways. Among these, it is possible to remember its integration with mixed salads, as well as the use to garnish a healthy Greek yogurt. Obviously, no one prohibits using it as an ingredient for cakes, jams and compotes. Before introducing it into the diet, it is in any case advisable to contact your doctor.

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