Gorgeous hair with sesame oil: tips

Gorgeous hair with sesame oil: tips

Rich in antioxidants, sesame oil is excellent for treating damaged hair and protecting it from the sun. Find out how to use it

Sesame oil, a condiment typical of oriental cuisines, is a good basic element not only in the kitchen but also for hair care. What makes it so functional and effective? Without doubt the mix of precious substances it contains is in fact rich in fatty acids with a strong antioxidant power, which together with vitamins A, B and E stimulate the regeneration and repair of the cells of our body.

Do you want to counteract the damage your hair can suffer in summer, do you want to see them more voluminous and softer? A sesame oil pack is very simple to make. Just heat a small amount of oil between the palms of your hands and apply it gently and with circular movements on the skin and lengths. The massage will not only help the oil to penetrate deeply but will stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp and therefore the renewal and the birth of healthier hair.

If your greasy hair and dandruff are your problem, sesame oil combined with rosemary or lemon juice can help you. The essential oils that can further enrich this pack and which also have sebum-regulating properties are those of lavender and tea tree. You can spread the mixture obtained with care on the scalp, leave for twenty minutes, then wash the hair with a mild shampoo to remove any residue.

If your hair is dry and tends to take on an electrified and frizzy appearance during these hot and humid days, a few drops of sesame oil used as leave in on dry or wet hair keeps this unsightly frizz effect at bay. The hair will regain a disciplined and shiny appearance. Applying a thin veil on the lengths before going to the beach you will enjoy the slight protective factor: the hair will thus be defended from damage caused by solar heat.

A way to fully enjoy all the principles of sesame oil? Make sure the oil you buy is organic and comes from a cold press. It is the best method, in fact, to keep the antioxidants originally contained in sesame seeds intact. Other juicing methods that use chemicals can, on the other hand, impoverish the oil and deprive it of its precious elements.

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