Gorgeous Letizia di Spagna: the top with maxi sleeves is legendary

Gorgeous Letizia di Spagna: the top with maxi sleeves is legendary

Letizia di Spagna enchants at the concert with a new total black look: legendary blouse with extra large sleeves of the brand that created her wedding dress

Letizia of Spain accompanied her husband Felipe to the concert “In Memoriam” which commemorates all the victims of terrorism. As a sign of mourning, she presented herself with a total black look of superlative elegance, thanks to the new blouse with extra large sleeves.

Letizia did not need structured dresses, frills and particular decorations, but a simple pair of black cigarette trousers and a top, which immediately became a legend, were enough to create an outfit of great effect that has rightfully entered among the most successful outfits of the Queen of Spain. So let's analyze this perfect look point by point, in line with the sense of simplicity and sobriety that has characterized her wardrobe in recent months, an example above all of the Armani dress chosen for the gala of the latest Cerecedo awards.

For the 19th edition of the concert in memory of the victims of terrorism, Letizia chose a special outfit, just as special is the occasion she found herself living at the National Auditorium in Madrid. The event was particularly touching and significant for the royal couple. In fact, in 2020 they could not take you, it was the first public commitment that they were forced to cancel due to the pandemic. While this year it was held following all the anti-contagion rules, as in Sanremo, social distance, mask, limited number of participants.

Letizia therefore wore a black monochromatic look, as per tradition, as a sign of mourning, on this evening so significant for her, showing off a new crew-neck shirt, clean in the lines if it were not for the maxi puff sleeves in taffeta and paired with a pair of classic cigarette trousers, both by designer Pertegaz, considered a legend in Spain. At the foot of the Plexiglas Chanel shoes, signed Manolo Blahnik, while the black clutch is by Emporio Armani.

Donna Letizia has decided to gather her hair in a high and pulled chignon, a strategic hairstyle to enhance the long and thin earrings, created by TOUS Jewelry. After a few days, for the second time the Queen wears dangling earrings, after those in the shape of laced shoelaces.

The Pertegaz brand is significant for Donna Letizia, in fact he was commissioned to make her wedding dress. Felipe's wife wore her clothes again in 2019, in particular a pearl gray dress which was a huge success.

Letizia of Spain

Letizia of Spain

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