Gorgeous Mara Venier in costume with her nephew Giulio. And Caterina Balivo comments

Gorgeous Mara Venier in costume with her nephew Giulio. And Caterina Balivo comments

The beloved Venetian presenter is enjoying the summer with her family, her true strength

Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro: 14 years of marriage in photos

Mara Venier is experiencing a special summer to say the least. After the success of the Sunday In season and after the parenthesis of the foot injury – the Venetian conductor resumed walking without crutches after two months about ten days ago – she is spending quality time with her family, her true support .

The Sunday lady of Rai Uno, very active on Instagram, is documenting her holidays with her husband Nicola Carraro – who in turn recently shared a photo in the company of his son Gerò, a former partner of Simona Ventura with whom relations are they are now recomposed after years of tension – and with their grandchildren.

Mara Venier has become a grandmother twice: her son Paolo Capponi, who married in summer 2019, gave her the joy of little Claudietto, called Iaio. Elisabetta Ferracini, on the other hand, made her the grandmother of Giulio for the first time, born in 2002 from her relationship with the lawyer Carlo Longari.

Aunt Mara, more and more beautiful, shared a photo of her oldest nephew on her very popular social profile. The two are smiling by the pool. Mara wears a black one-piece swimsuit and is gorgeous. Giulio, defined by his grandmother in the caption of the post as “cool as few”, is standing behind her.

The photo in question was clearly received by many likes and comments from followers of the 'hostess' of Domenica In. Among the various appreciations, that of Caterina Balivo stands out, who commented with the phrase, referring to Giulio, “ Oh mom, how big it is! ”. Venier – who in a long interview released to Oggi confessed about the depression that hit her a few years ago, the pain of her mother's death and the professional revenge – has also 'stopped' through the Instagram Stories the moments together with Giulio.

In one of these snapshots, we see grandmother and granddaughter playing, always by the pool, with Giulio splashing the Venier with the water barrel. The soundtrack? The song Gracias a La Vida by Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa, a song whose title tells of the special love that Aunt Mara feels for her wonderful family.

Mara Venier and nephew Giulio Longari

Mara Venier and her nephew Giulio Longari – Source: Instagram @mara_venier

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