Gracia De Torres, the beautiful message after childbirth: “Nothing is impossible”

Gracia De Torres, the beautiful message after childbirth: "Nothing is impossible"

Gorgeous model Gracia De Torres just became a mother of twins: her postpartum photos are true and beautiful

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Gracia De Torres announced with great joy that she became a mother: only a few days ago her two twins were born and brought immense happiness to the family. But post-partum is not all sunshine and roses. The body that inevitably changes, showing the signs of the recent and incredible effort it has been subjected to, the small and large pains that leave no respite, the scar in plain sight. Gracia has decided to publicly show this more “raw” side, and with her words (and her sincere photos) she gave us a good lesson.

Gracia De Torres, postpartum photo

After giving the good news, Gracia De Torres took a few days to recover. Overwhelmed by the emotions and the remarkable commitment of becoming an encore mother in a single moment, she has finally found the time to update the fans. And he did it with images that are so powerful that they can really make their mark. The splendid Spanish model has in fact decided to share some shots of her postpartum on Instagram, proudly showing a body that, in its imperfections, is perfect beyond words.

It’s been 5 days since her children came into the world, with an emergency cesarean. In pregnancy, Gracia gained about 18/19 kg and, of course, her physique still bears traces of it. His was an important, overwhelming and also very demanding experience: “Nothing is easy, nothing is impossible” – he revealed in the caption of his splendid photos – “Maybe it’s not the body you are used to. But I’ve always shown myself as I am. Proud of my body, of my moment, of our moment “.

And again: “Happy with my scar, with horrible pains in the breast from milk and sleepless nights. But what I am most proud of is my husband, who is the most wonderful person there is, thank you dad for always looking after me so much “. Without filters, with a surprising spontaneity, Gracia brings to light not only the joy of being a mother, but also what many women do not tell, almost with shame. His is a beautiful message, a hymn to life that despite every difficulty manages to be so splendid.

Gracia De Torres, the beautiful message after childbirth

Gracia De Torres, the postpartum photo

Gracia De Torres presents i gemellini

In showing off her pregnancy-scarred body, Gracia anticipated what all her followers were waiting for: time to get done – finally! – a shower and he would post some pictures of his twins. A promise kept, given that a few hours later he shared a post with disarming tenderness. “Our world is tinged with blue and pink. The twins arrived, a week early but we made it ”- said the former shipwrecked woman from Isola dei Famosi.

Then, he revealed some more details: “November 28, 2021, 09:02 and 09:04. Welcome to the world of Bloom and Nathanel Sandri De Torres Vargas. We can’t wait to all grow together. I loved you before I made you, I love you and I will always love you “. The sweet photos of the two children are a real show. Together in the same cradle, the little ones sleep peacefully enjoying each other’s warmth, just as they did a few days ago in their mother’s womb.

Gracia De Torres, the beautiful message after childbirth

Gracia De Torres presents i gemellini

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