Grandma’s cunning will definitely free you from black escapes, you have everything in the pantry

Are black tile joints your obsession? From today you can fight them with cheap and completely natural ingredients.

The problem of black joints between tiles is more common than you think. Often we have the feeling that it is difficult or even impossible to solve, yet there are natural and decidedly inexpensive remedies that can help us in this regard.

black leaks remedies


If you too have found yourself struggling several times with tiles with dark joints, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom, then it is time to say stop to the problem!

How to easily fight black joints between tiles

If whitening the joints has always been a problem that afflicts you every time you approach it, from today you can start looking at your tiles with different eyes. In fact, we are about to reveal to you some natural methods that will make the difference and that will help you to be able to count on escapes as new and all without making who knows what effort.

black leaks natural remedies

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In fact, it is enough to put together baking soda and vinegar (which we have already seen to be useful for other household uses as well) to obtain a solution capable of defeating even the darkest joints. And all with a few simple steps.

To do this, just pass the baking soda on the surface of the joints (which you can do with the help of a toothbrush). Once this is done, just dip the same in the vinegar and go back to rubbing the offending surfaces. Rinse everything with hot water and in a short time you will see the joints return more and more white and all with a sanitizing effect. The combination of baking soda and vinegar also neutralizes bad odors. Which will make your tiles look like new.

It is a totally green remedy and able to bring cleanliness and the right hygiene to those points of the house, such as the grout joints, which are usually very difficult to treat. A remedy that among other things will help you save money, especially when compared to those that are around and that in addition to being expensive contain chemical components that are not always healthy.

What if you fear mold? Apply a little hydrogen peroxide on the joints, then dry everything well. By doing this you will make yourself doubly safe and you will be able to enjoy healthier environments, beautiful to look at and completely hygienic to live.