Grandparents and grandchildren, an unbreakable bond

Pillars of the family, grandparents have an instinctive and accomplice relationship with their grandchildren, indestructible even when they are no longer there

Grandparents, especially the maternal grandmother, are the pillars of the family, key people in particular in the relationship with their grandchildren. They represent the generational bond that is shown in the small gestures of affection, from the snack prepared with care to the permissive and understanding game that often irritates parents.

As is known, the birth of a nephew has very strong, emotional and affective implications. Generally, grandparents establish a direct and instinctive relationship with newcomers, very solid based on trust and complicity. While parents take care of their children, thinking and doing a thousand other things, grandparents always find a space to dedicate completely to their grandchildren.

Therefore, the role of grandparents is fundamental not only on an educational level, but above all in the formation of the emotional sphere of children. Their contribution to the growth of children is extremely positive. Let's see why:

Grandparents have more patience and are less stressed than parents, so they manage to be more affectionate and listen to their grandchildren with greater empathy.

They maintain a more solid and instinctive emotional relationship. Often children feel more understood by them than by mum and dad.

Grandparents are less critical and tend to enhance children's strengths rather than children's weaknesses.

They help grandchildren to be independent of their parents.

Usually they always defend children by helping to mitigate the contrasts that may arise between children and parents.

Grandparents are an emotional support for grandchildren, especially in family crisis situations.

Of course, the role of grandparents must never be confused with that of parents: the former must never replace the latter. Rather, they must always be ready to give support and advice (unobtrusive) when the situation calls for it.

However, the bond that is established between grandparents and grandchildren is indissoluble. The memories of the moments spent together will be indelible and form the basis of the emotional sphere in the child. This relationship is so effective and beneficial for both parties that in Italy as in the United States, educational methods are being tested that involve the elderly with children: kindergartens for both grandparents and grandchildren.

The love of grandparents is so intense that they demonstrate it in every way: gifts, sweets, kisses, attentions and care. And when they are no longer there, what the grandchildren are missing are certainly not gifts but the possibility of talking to them, of having advice and support.

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