Grape diet, lose weight and deflate in a week

Grape diet, lose weight and deflate in a week

The secret to losing 2 kg in a week is the grape diet, a slimming regime that gives flat stomachs and slender legs

The grape diet is the perfect remedy to get back in shape in view of the change of season, losing weight and deflating the belly in just one week.

Returning from holidays, between work, school and daily tasks, is often traumatic. So we stop taking care of ourselves and we risk fattening up, eating what happens and giving us quick, but above all unhealthy meals. The solution comes from grapes, a delicious seasonal fruit rich in nutritional properties, ideal for losing a few pounds without effort.

In fact, the grape is not only good, but also dietetic, in fact it contains a lot of water and is a detox food. Precisely for this reason it is perfect to combat water retention, deflate the stomach and give us lean and toned legs. Not only: it should be consumed during the season changes also to avoid skin and hair problems that often in this period, due to stress, become dull and fragile.

The potassium and sodium contained in this fruit instead will allow you to always be beautiful without effort and in shape. Not by chance the grape diet promises to make us lose up to 2 kg in a week thanks to its properties. How does this diet work? There are two phases: the first, to be started on the weekend, during which semi-liquid food is consumed, and the second, from Monday to Friday, in which three main meals are consumed.

During Saturday and Sunday, we eat about 1 kg of grapes per day, distributing the fruit in 6 snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are mainly centrifuged, milk and soy cheese, vegetable smoothies, yoghurt and tea. Starting from Monday to Friday, the menu changes from 1300 calories. At lunch we eat pasta or rice, accompanied by vegetables, while at dinner lean proteins are granted. Each meal must end with grapes, taking them in progressive quantities every day, up to 1 kg at the end of the week.

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