Graphology at the service of students with SLD

Graphology at the service of students with SLD

Attention to correct graphomotor gestures and posture is essential for learning to write.

Graphology at the service of students with SLD: attention to correct graphomotor gestures and posture is essential for the correct learning of writing.

We talked about it with Chiara Biaggioni, Rogersian Graphologist and Counselor, graduated in Pedagogy.

What is graphology?

"Graphology is the science that deals with the interpretation of the graphic gesture: from scribbling to drawing, to spontaneous writing. Graphological analysis reveals many aspects of the character, interpreting the resources and efforts of a person ".

The applications are varied: judicial field (wills and false signatures), personnel selection (assessment, hiring, orientation), family and relationship counseling (couple-family-children), school environment (orientation to studies and support activities for pupils with difficulty). A graphological consultation in III Media or V Superiore helps to choose the most suitable course of study for the student.

What does it have to do with Specific Learning Disorders?

Another area of ​​interest in graphology is represented by Specific Learning Disorders and in particular by dysgraphia. It is a graph-motor difficulty that makes the operation of writing tiring: the result is disorder, confusion and the illegible aspect of writing. "Graphology from this point of view can be put at the service of correct graphic gestures, with specific activities aimed at children and teenagers, parents and teachers".

What can graphology do to correct or reduce the effects of dysgraphies?

"It is useful to start focusing on the graphic gesture right from Kindergarten. In fact, it is necessary to enter Primary school already with functional prerequisites, such as correct posture when writing, eye-hand coordination and the acquisition of the body schema and laterality. At Primary School, then, you can work in the classroom to show good practices to teachers and transmit the pleasure of writing to children. Even when writing appears consolidated, in middle or high schools, there may be alarm signals detectable by writing: cognitive fatigue, difficulty in maintaining the necessary concentration or other personal or relational problems. Unfortunately, today there is an educational void on the subject; we often forget that the use of the hand is a complex activity and cannot be neglected at all ".

These are the words of Chiara Biaggioni, vice president of AGI Trento with many years of experience in the correct learning of the graphic gesture, convinced that there are no right or wrong methods for everyone, but that attention to motor skills and graphic gestures can provide additional tools for achieve a positive outcome in learning to write.

Through the analysis of writing, graphology helps to get to know each other. So everyone can find their own way of learning, in perfect harmony with the philosophy of Redooc, transforming learning into a path full of satisfactions and discoveries.

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