Gray hair makeup: how to combine the right makeup

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The best gray hair makeup may seem difficult to do but not with the right tips for eyeshadow, foundation and lipstick

Gray hair makeup changes based on the age of the wearer. Obviously everyone is free to put on make-up and express themselves as they prefer, but to make the most of themselves, you can follow some tips to get a perfect makeup for gray hair, whether they are naturally like this and whether you are younger, whether you are more mature or have decided to bleaching and toning gray hair. The make-up must match not only age but also the complexion, it takes special care to the realization of the face base and understand how to balance the gray hair eye makeup well and also find the right gray hair lipstick.

First of all, however, it must be said that gray hair as well as blond hair require special care to avoid finding unwanted hair reflections. A natural white hair, in fact, tends to be drier and frizzier and needs hydration and to be kept shiny and full-bodied, with special highlights, glosses and masks. In the case of bleached gray hair, remember to frequently use an anti-yellow shampoo and mask, even better if for silver hair.

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  • Let’s start with the face base: be careful to make it correctly
    • The choice of foundation
    • Contouring, bronzer, blush and powder
  • How to make up your eyebrows if you have gray hair
  • Gray hair eye make-up: depends on age
  • How to choose lipstick for gray hair

Let’s start with the face base: be careful to make it correctly

The starting point for obtaining a perfect gray hair make-up is to create an excellent face base. The skin must have a uniform appearance, trying to minimize discoloration and imperfections and choosing a foundation suitable for your complexion but also for your age. Another fundamental aspect is to choose bright textures that do not mark any wrinkles or that do not result with a greasepaint effect or, even worse, dusty. Gray hair is commonly associated with an age that is not very young, so the makeup must be fresh so as not to age the figure.

The choice of foundation

The first choice to make for a gray hair makeup, therefore, is that of the foundation. Yes to light, luminous, plumping and smoothing textures, especially if you are over 40. The more the years increase, the more the “less is more” rule applies. Little product, worked well and reapplied only where needed or, if you need more coverage, better rely on a corrector for more difficult discolorations. The important thing is not to want to darken the complexion at all costs because with gray hair you see yourself duller, with less color around the face. Nothing could be more wrong than creating a clear separation between face and neck: choose your perfect shade and only then work with contouring and blush to obtain a fresh and radiant effect.

Helen Mirren white hair woman light and natural makeup

If for an agée skin it is important to choose a luminous, plumping and filling effect foundation, if you have bleached gray hair you can create your usual face base. But be careful to get a delicate and light effect, because gray hair on young people already tends to give a few more years. Unless this is the effect you want to achieve, choose to create light and fresh bases, also helping yourself with illuminating powders and blushes.

In any case, whatever your age, do not overdo it with the powder in order not to obtain a dusty effect. Apply a little and only where you tend to shine more: on mature skin an abuse of powder tends to make it accumulate in wrinkles and underline them, but in any case use too much freshness at the base of the face. You can always replace the powder with a fixing spray, which eliminates any dusty effect and guarantees a greater hold to the whole makeup, to be sprayed then after the make-up is finished.

Andy McDowel gray hair dark makeup

Contouring, bronzer, blush and powder

Once the foundation has been applied and the areas at risk of greasiness have been powdered, it is time to recreate the volumes of the face, to raise the cheekbones or simply to fill the face hollowed out by age. Better to use cold colors, which blend better with that of the hair, but if you have a warm complexion you can pass a light veil of neutral earth with a warm trend, to ensure that the final effect is not too gray but well balanced.

As for the blush, on mature skin but in general to maintain freshness, it is better to opt for cream or liquid blushes. Light and delicate, they blend perfectly with the complexion without creating thickness or dusty effect, but as if the redness were natural. If you have a combination skin or prefer a dry effect on the skin, apply a veil of powder with a very large brush, just to dry the product. As for the colors, delicate pink or plum tones for cold complexions, fishy for warm ones.

platinum gray hair young girl

How to make up your eyebrows if you have gray hair

Moving on to the eyebrows, it is necessary to redefine them to give vigor to the face, especially if they have turned white or salt and pepper. Do not push your hand too hard, they should not be marked but only slightly filled and redesigned with light touches if you need to recreate some missing hair. Better to choose cold or ash tones, which are best combined with gray hair. With pencils that are too reddish the effect would be unnatural. Better to avoid brow ointments, the effect would harden the facial features too much, yes instead to colored gel mascara as long as you do not have to reconstruct missing parts of eyebrows.

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Gray hair eye make-up: depends on age

Gray hair eye makeup changes according to age, although you can always choose to follow your own style. On a hooded eye or one that has some wrinkles, therefore on a mature face, it is better to avoid glitter or mother-of-pearl eyeshadows because they would highlight the signs of aging, emphasizing them. Better to opt for opaque and powder eyeshadows, because even the cream textures could create thickness and, by drying, highlight the wrinkles.

As for the colors, a lot depends on the tone of the eyes and complexion, taking into account that gray hair is, of course, cold. With blue, gray and some pink tones you are almost always on the safe side, also because you can choose a more neutral or warm tone in the case of a warm undertone. In this case, even a not too orange brick, terracotta or biscuit color can be for you, especially if your gray hair is not totally silver, but perhaps with some hints of platinum.

Obviously, all the nude tones to make natural make-up are also ideal, especially for those who do not like to see themselves made up a lot. However, it is better to choose medium and not too dark shades, which could darken the look, sunk it, make the eye smaller and emphasize dark circles and bags. To outline the eye and give more intensity, apply a little black or brown pencil along the lash line, blending it down with a brush. You really have to stay attached to the lashes and not bring the color up, to avoid closing the eye.

Apply a mascara with an elastic formula, which does not weigh down the lashes and, in the case of a particularly hooded eye, you can apply a few tufts of false eyelashes. If you are young and have chosen to switch to gray, perhaps out of fashion, there are no great tips to bet on, because you can dare and indulge yourself as you would with any other color. What is certain is that a heavily loaded make-up tends to give a few more years just like gray hair. If you want to show your age or look younger, then use light, fresh, metallic, shimmer and bright tones.

short gray hair woman red lipstick

How to choose lipstick for gray hair

The last step to make a perfect gray hair make-up is lipstick. You can choose volumizing products or moisturizing lip balms if you don’t want to use color, especially on mature skin. In this case it would be better not to use opaque liquid lipsticks that could highlight lips that are not really firm or have some fine lines. Better therefore to opt for cream textures, certainly more moisturizing and plumping.

It is important to use a matching lip pencil to outline the contour that loses definition over time and could make the lipstick move, making you dirty. If you don’t want to have too many pencils, opt for the transparent wax one to be applied externally to the lip contour, to create a barrier beyond which the lipstick has no way to move.

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Also in this case, as well as for the eyes, the gray hair lipstick on lips that are not very young should not be shiny or pearly, in order not to highlight wrinkles. The colors, too bright, brown or warm, clash a bit with the silver reflections of the hair, better to go for warmer neutrals if the complexion is warm or colder for a cold complexion. The reds, on the other hand, go very well with white and gray hair, also in this case to be calibrated between hot and cold according to your complexion. Even pinks are a range of colors that go well with gray hair make-up, while too dark colors, especially at a certain age, risk darkening or making the lips, already emptied by time, too small.

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