Greasy hair: goodbye chemicals and expensive products, the ultimate solution is in the kitchen

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Oily hair is a problem that affects many women, but there are DIY, low cost, simple and practical remedies. Here’s what they are.

Often summer makes our hair greasy. This means they appear shiny, dull, greasy.

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This can happen all year round for a variety of reasons – mainly hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, overly aggressive hair products – but after the warm season it happens more frequently.

The reason? Continue shampoo, excessive salt, sweat, they ruin our hair in the long run. And so in September we find ourselves with a much lower hair quality than we left it in May.

This is normal and happens to many women (especially to those who live near the sea and therefore usually go there practically every weekend for three months in a row).

Obviously though there is a remedy for everything: in this case the solutions are many and often they are also low cost.

There are though some things you should definitely avoid doing if your hair looks greasy.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is washing your hair too often: we often think that having oily hair means having it dirty and we believe that by shampooing the situation is better. Actually the more you wash them, the more you stimulate the sebaceous glands and therefore your hair will look greasy.

Another thing not to do absolutely is rubbing the scalp excessively while you are washing your hair: you should make slow and gentle movements to avoid damaging your hair even more.

Also you should preferably shampoo with warm water. Likewise you should then then dab with a towel (a bit like the hairdresser basically does).

Then try to use a comb that has soft heads and wide teeth: otherwise, you could start producing more sebum, which is what we absolutely want to avoid of course.

Finally, one thing to avoid is using hair products that are too strong, like gels, which only further grease.

Having said that, how do you go about making your hair less greasy? Here are the most effective natural solutions.

What to use to make hair less greasy

The first low cost and effective solution to make your hair less greasy is to use lemon juice, known for its degreasing properties.

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This in fact tends to dry the hair and at the same time polishes it. How to use it? That’s enough squeeze a couple of lemons on the skin, rinse and dry everything.

Another solution is use baking soda. Just pour a few tablespoons on your scalp and let it act for about ten minutes. In the end, just pass a comb and that’s it.

You can also think of use a natural do-it-yourself flour shampoo. All you have to do is take some chickpea flour and put it in 250ml of warm water, then add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar. Repeat these steps a couple of times a week and you will immediately see a marked improvement.

Finally, a very useful thing to do to make your hair less greasy is to change your diet. What to prefer? Seasonal fruit and vegetables (even better if organic). These in fact contain mineral salts and vitamins that help strengthen the hair and improve its quality.

If you also want to change your look in view of autumn, here are the trendy cuts of the season.

In any case, with these very simple remedies, oily hair will never be a problem again for you.

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