Green banana flour to improve digestion

Green banana flour to improve digestion

Considered a panacea for intestinal health, it is perfect for both sweets and savory preparations

Healthy gut, the 10 foods richest in soluble fiber

Considered a real super food, green banana flour is gaining great popularity in recent years. Known for the absence of gluten and therefore often recommended in the dietary patterns of those suffering from celiac disease or intolerance to the aforementioned protein complex – these are two different conditions – it is used for both sweet dishes and savory preparations.

When naming it, it is important to remember that, very often, it is introduced into the diet with the aim of increasing the supply of resistant starch, which acts like soluble fiber, consequently playing a crucial role for intestinal health.

Science has repeatedly questioned its repercussions on human digestion. Among the many studies that have been carried out on this subject, it is possible to call into question a research whose results were published in 1996.

Led by a group of active experts at the Dunn Clinical Nutrition Center in Cambridge (UK), it involved monitoring the condition of 12 healthy subjects. At the follow-up, it was possible to discover positive effects on the efficiency of digestion and, in particular, mild laxative properties.

We could go on and on about the benefits of green banana flour! Doing so also means focusing on the content of minerals that are valuable for health. Among these it is possible to mention zinc, essential for the efficiency of the immune system, for brain functions and for the health of skin, hair and nails. Not to be overlooked is also the presence of magnesium, a precious mineral for the quality of sleep. Also noteworthy is the phosphorus content.

Returning for a moment to the important fiber content, it is impossible not to call into question the role that these nutrients have in maintaining weight. Among the types of fibers that characterize the nutritional profile of green banana flour, inulin also stands out which, as highlighted by the experts of the Humanitas group, promotes the proliferation of non-pathogenic intestinal bacteria.

To be eaten preferably raw – in this way it is possible to optimize the benefits of resistant starch – green banana flour, which also has the advantage of being sustainable for the environment, should only be added to the diet after consulting your doctor. .

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