Green Pass for minors: how it works

Green Pass for minors: how it works

How the Green Certification for minors works: what it is, what to know about it, minimum age and how to apply for it

The Green Pass represents the promise to return to travel and get around safely. In addition to adults, minors must also have the “green certification”, which will be issued by the national authorities. It can be received in paper or digital format. The QR code is a must, essential for proving its authenticity in the rest of European countries, when traveling. How the pass for minors works: minimum age and required.

Green pass for minors: what it is

From 1 July, when you want to travel with your family, it will be essential to show the Green Pass, active in every country belonging to the European Union and useful for moving not only on European territory, but also towards red or orange areas. It is an indispensable document: the green certification, in fact, will certify any vaccine, cure or result of the Covid-19 swab.

The goal of green certification for minors is therefore to protect any age group and limit contagion. Generally, in Italy, it will take to move from green to red and orange regions. Furthermore, it will also be necessary to show it at some public events, such as at fairs, concerts or sports competitions.

At what age is it necessary to take the green pass

Families who are considering going on vacation have asked themselves a question: must minors also have the Green Certificate? Absolutely yes. The minimum age required for requesting documentation is from 2 years upwards. Parents or guardians of minors may request it: essential in this case will be the Authcode, which will certify the negativity or alternatively the recovery from Covid-19. In any case, children under the age of 6 do not have to take the test before applying for certification; from 6 years of age, however, it will be mandatory to undergo the swab to receive the green pass.

According to what is reported by the rules provided by the EU, the Green Certification for Covid-19 will last at least one year starting from 1 July. In addition, it may be useful to know that children traveling with parents exempt from the quarantine obligation will be able to assert the same right, which is fundamental in order not to separate families.

How to apply for the green pass for minors

Obtaining Green Certification for minors is not difficult: through the Government Website, it is possible to identify with the Public Digital Identity System, but the Immune and Io app will also prove to be fundamental. For families who do not have a computer and want to request documentation for their children, you can also receive the Green Pass from your doctor or pharmacist. In this case, the tax code and health card will be required. It should also be noted that the certificate – for both minors and adults – is totally free in digital and paper format.

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