Greetings to Vanessa Incontrada: "A birthday different from everyone"


Vanessa Incontrada publishes a video on Instagram in which, without make-up and in informal clothing, she dedicates “Happy birthday to you”. And he explains why he will celebrate differently

Vanessa Incontrada turns 42 and celebrates herself on Instagram. The presenter, without make-up and in informal clothing, posted a video on Instagram, in which she sings "Happy Birthday to you", thanking the fans for the many messages of good wishes and explaining why this, for obvious reasons, will be a different birthday.

Thanks for the messages, this year is special, I still want to celebrate it but in another way, because we are experiencing a difficult time. However, I make 42 with great pride. I love you…

Vanessa, born in Barcelona on November 24, 1978 to an Italian father and a Spanish mother, has lived and worked in Italy since she was 17. Here she found success, love, and over the years she also had to fight against the bodyshaming matured against her since her physique changed after pregnancy.

His beautiful monologue on the "beauty of imperfection" is famous, recited during the first episode of 20 Anni che Siamo Italiani, a variety of Rai1 conducted with Gigi D’Alessio:

“Perfection doesn't exist and I know I'm not saying big news. But I want to say it, I want to scream it. Perfection does not exist!. If only they had said it to me before, you know … It should be included among the first teachings they give us: wash your hands before eating, don't say bad words, perfection doesn't exist. You know how much time I waste looking for her … It's like in love: I thought I had to be perfect to find the man of my life, to please him, to make him fall in love with me. Eventually I found a very special man, my husband, Rossano. He told me something that made me think a lot: 'You have to smile for your flaws'. And it is true. And he took the whole package, strengths and weaknesses. And I did the same thing with him, or at least we're trying "

“Sometimes I'd like to talk to Vanessa 20 years ago and I'd like to give her some advice: Vani, stop wanting to be different from who you are. Because perfection doesn't exist anyway. I wanted to become what I am not, everyone wanted me different. All. But all who? I wasted time trying to be right, forgetting to be happy. Because I thought I was wrong in the eyes of others. If I had been born in the 1930s or 1950s, when the female model was soft, I would have been perfect. But I live in 2000 and having the forms is considered wrong. And for this I should be ashamed? "

“Now I can smile, but it wasn't always like that. Because sometimes criticism hurts: it starts from a cell phone and reaches the stomach. But in reality that all does not exist. There are people, some may like you and others may not. But that's okay because perfection doesn't exist. It only counts what you think of yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror: well I'm very proud of what I see. Sometimes I like myself, sometimes I don't. But I love the person in front of me and I think it's important to surround ourselves with people who love us for who we are and who push us to be ourselves. Because so much, in life, perfection does not exist ".

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