Gregoraci and Briatore, when children really come first

Elisabetta Gregoraci

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore launched a beautiful message during these holidays: family and children come first

GF Vip, Elisabetta Gregoraci leaves the house to make the Christmas tree with Nathan Falco

Flavio Briatore and Elisabetta Gregoraci may have had their problems and misunderstandings, but when it comes to getting to the point, thinking about the good of their family and the serenity of Nathan Falco, the two former spouses have no doubts. The showgirl and the entrepreneur spent the days of Christmas together and also shared a tender family portrait on Instagram, to show that despite the differences and the end of their marriage, the absolute priority was to get together to spend the holidays in harmony and convey a sense of unity to the child.

But there is more. With their decision, Briatore and Gregoraci have launched a message, addressed above all to Nathan, but not only: he is in first place, really. It comes first of all, including one's own needs and desires.

"Our marriage is over after 10 years, but there is always a lot of respect between us and our son Nathan is in first place in all our decisions," said the showgirl in an interview with Libero Quotidiano.
A message that goes beyond simple gossip and that can be a starting point for a deeper reflection for many other separated families with children, who often forget how the latter are basically the injured party of the end of a relationship, those who without any guilt – and often awareness – undergoes the decisions of parents or – even worse – of a judge.

Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore are two controversial characters, often criticized for their lifestyle characterized by luxury and often the ostentation of their wealth. But these days they have shown something else, something more important: they have been able to put aside their pride and their ego for the good of Nathan. It is true, this year did not offer great alternatives and ways of escape, but they could have done like many other former couples and divided up the holidays: Christmas Eve with father, Christmas with mother. How many children of separated have spent years and years thus dividing the time available on vacation days instead of being able to get together all together, just for two days. Like in a bubble.

The showgirl and the entrepreneur are not the only ones who have given this good example. Over the years there have been many star couples who have tried to launch a new message, to demonstrate that different paths are possible, certainly not without sacrifices, perhaps suffering. The best known example is perhaps that of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and their now famous "conscious uncoupling", the conscious separation thanks to which they were able to part ways trying to remain a united family, to the point that even now that the actress paired with producer Brad Falchuk it happens to see them all reunited, even with the ex-husband, for the Christmas holidays but also on occasions of normal daily life such as Sunday brunch.

How many couples, on the other hand, take advantage of every circumstance to argue about who will spend that or that day with the children, and how many others argue because, on the contrary, they would like to take advantage of the holidays to take a vacation even with their children. The exceptions obviously exist, just as there are paradoxical and even more serious situations in which real wars between parents are triggered, made up of legal battles, low blows, spite and revenge. But even when the relationships between two people who have loved each other remain within the sphere of civilization and mutual respect, it is difficult for anyone to choose to spend the holidays together.

In all these circumstances, only one thing wins: selfishness. Because everyone has their own life, maybe new partners, and making everything fit and everyone get along is an almost impossible puzzle to put together. Yet, it is nice to see that there are those who succeed, those who manage to go further. Who really manages to put children first, not just in words.

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