Greta Ferro: the report card of her looks

Greta Ferro: the report card of her looks

Top model and actress, Greta ferro is always very elegant: let's see the report card of her looks

I admit it: I love Greta Ferro! I discovered it by chance while looking at the "Made in Italy" series and I immediately found it fascinating and truly stylish. Model for Emporio Armani, she proudly wears her curly bangs, which have become her trademark. Let's see some of her looks together.

Greta Ferro, the report card of her looks: with leather pants

The statuesque physique helps a lot, but in my opinion Greta's trump card is her way of doing easy and naturally effortless chic. In my opinion, she has the rare ability to be elegant with whatever she wears! If you follow her on her Instagram profile, it is even more evident. Here, with a simple soft pullover and leather trousers (which, incidentally, is not an easy garment), she manages to be simple and refined. Vote 8.

greta ferro leather pants

Greta Ferro, the report card of her looks: with leather pants

When I say: “add a touch of color to spice up the look, but don't overdo it”, I mean exactly that! Greta wore an acid green slingback over a black total look, broken only by the zebra bag. The best way to avoid making the leather raincoat monotonous. Super! Vote 8.

greta ferro waterproof

Greta Ferro, the report card of her looks: in a velvet tuxedo

So: this cut of trousers is very, very difficult, but Greta I manage to bring it to perfection, even made of velvet. Here is another example of an elegant yet simple way of dressing that doesn't need to overdo it. The red lipstick and the hair deliberately left soft and artfully disheveled are the touch that makes the look perfect. Vote 9.

greta ferro smoking velvet

Greta Ferro, the report card of her looks: at the Venice Film Festival

Ok, Greta is an ambassador of Emporio Armani and being elegant wearing Armani is a bit easy to win … but she is perfect: not too low-cut, but not boring, with a delicate color, but not trivial, with discrete accessories, but not invisible. In short, perfect! Here too, hairstyle and natural make-up are her trump card: wearing curly bangs is not for everyone, but she does it with grace and style. Gorgeous. Vote 9.

greta ferro venice

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