Guenda Goria defends Maria Teresa Ruta: "Without words for how they treat her"

Guenda Goria difende Maria Teresa Ruta: “Senza parole per come la trattano”

Guenda Goria defends her mother Maria Teresa Ruta after the clashes at the "GF Vip": "Speechless for how they treat her"

Guenda Goria defends Maria Teresa Ruta and attacks the other competitors of the GF Vip. In recent days, the presenter has had a real emotional breakdown after arguing with Stefania Orlando, her friend inside the house, while Filippo Nardi and Samantha De Grenet seem determined to declare war on her. “They are all splendid, then everyone leaves, they form small groups – confessed Maria Teresa, letting off steam with the group -. Who goes here, who goes there, but nobody ever invites me. You saw me washing the dishes and you left […] You never call me, it is always I who add myself to you ”.

Filippo Nardi then replied ironically: "I'm going to the bathroom shortly, do you want to come with me?". Words that further wounded Maria Teresa: “Three of you went away, you saw me washing”, she said and shortly after she went to let off steam in the room with Tommaso Zorzi. “I feel lonely, that's all. Loved and alone. You know I'm a difficult one, "she explained to the influencer. The sadness of La Ruta did not escape her daughter Guenda Goria who defended her on Twitter, showing all her bitterness. "I am speechless for how they are treating my mother – he wrote -. She is a woman of heart who always strives for everyone. It deserves caresses and support. Come on mom! I hope you get my embrace that comes from the heart ”.

On the other hand, the last episode of GF Vip was not at all easy for Maria Teresa, who soon after went into crisis. To destabilize her was the quarrel with her friend Stefania Orlando who felt betrayed after seeing the clips in which she talked about her in the episode. To make the situation even more difficult the choice of Tommaso Zorzi to appoint Orlando. A real "betrayal", as she defined it. Maria Teresa speculated that it was Filippo Nardi who suggested the nomination to Tommaso, but this angered Orlando even more. "I had bonds created from the beginning, never cooled down – explained the showgirl to the DJ -. Never, until last night. I have suffered two betrayals, perhaps too strong a word, from Thomas and Maria Teresa, two points of reference. I find one in a clip that complains about me, Tommaso names me. I wouldn't mention Tommaso if he tied me up in the garden in the rain. New elements destabilize and one should be even more united. Instead of joining and reassuring us … I felt betrayed. This morning he saw me disappointed and instead of helping me he told me that it was you who influenced Tommaso. Then he denied it ”.

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