Guenda Goria 'strategist' at GF Vip, from the quarrel with Gregoraci to the relationship with her father Amedeo

Guenda Goria

The quarrel with Elisabetta Gregoraci, her boyfriend and the quarrels with her father Amedeo: who really is Guenda Goria, of the "GF Vip"

Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria, mother and daughter as sisters

The attack on Elisabetta Gregoraci closes Guenda Goria's rather torturous path to GF Vip, amidst quarrels, secret boyfriends and the difficult bond with dad Amedeo Goria and mom Maria Teresa Ruta. Having entered the Casa di Cinecittà paired with the very famous presenter, Guenda soon managed to emerge in the cast of celebrities showing a multifaceted and often angular character.

Certainly in the course of the episodes the figure of Guenda has evolved, between contradictions and half-truths, making a question legitimate: is she a misunderstood artist or a refined strategist who is using the GF Vip to emerge? After entering the red door, Maria Teresa Ruta's daughter stood out for her sensitive soul. He told of a childhood lived away from his parents, of the absence of his father, which weighed on his adult life, and of difficulties not yet overcome.

Shortly afterwards, "another Guenda" emerged, more combative. Who has chosen not to bow to the logic of the "herd" and who proudly refused to homologate during a live broadcast. Then, little by little, something started not coming back. First of all, the secret love for Telemachus, which has been talked about for several episodes. In fact, the actress had told the other tenants that she was single, but she admitted to Signorini that she was dating a man who became important to her during the lockdown.

Leaving the GF Vip, however, Guenda Goria has changed her mind about her new love. "We are no longer together – he revealed in the episode -. There was a moment when I wanted his support, I don't mean a plane but at least a coriander. In relationships you have to be there and he wasn't there. It made me fall out of love. Now I want to turn the page and think about the future ”.

A break that, as she explained herself on Chi, was inevitable. “I am also happy because I found my father – he said -. He is the first one who called me when I went out … Everyone insulted him because he called me "bipolar", but poor thing, I found him full of affection and sweetness. Instead, the one who did not deign to call me is Telemachus, I was very upset. He claims to be angry because gossip about his private life has come out, but in reality the one who raised the issue is not me, but his ex-wife. However, I left him and now I'm single. I want to start from myself. A man? Now it is not necessary ”.

But the twist came when Guenda, outspoken, made a frontal attack on Elisabetta Gregoraci. In connection with the House, the young Goria expressed herself in no uncertain terms towards Briatore's ex-wife. “I don't like it at all – he said -. Her being false comes out more and more, devoid of irony, shocking. In its perfection there is something sinister, it is completely lacking in humanity. “You are always nice to everyone, but in an obsessive way, so your true nature, very different, doesn't come out. You should ruffle your soul: even in showing ourselves imperfect we are beautiful and you are beautiful too ". A direct attack that certainly divided the public, but once again brought Guenda into the spotlight and the center of social debates. Media attention that raises a question: strategist or sincere to the end?

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