Guide to choosing and using a foundation brush

Guide to choosing and using a foundation brush

Not only sponge: foundation can also be applied with specific brushes and the results will be exceptional

The foundation is one of those inevitable products within the daily beauty routine, capable of making the small imperfections of the face and the discolorations of the skin immediately homogeneous and smooth. But be careful: not only is it essential to choose the right shade of your foundation, but the way in which it is applied to our face also plays a decisive role. For this reason it is good to know which is the best foundation brush for every need!

If you think that foundation brushes are all the same, alas you are wrong: there are huge differences between liquid foundation brushes and powder foundation brushes, for example. Not only that: even the brush itself changes a lot depending on the shape, the size and the handle. It seems a complicated subject, but don’t worry: thanks to this Tipsforwomens guide you will find all the answers you were looking for on the best foundation brush to buy to make the base of your face simply perfect.

VS Spugnetta brush: what changes?

For years, in the past, women have been convinced that the foundation could even be applied to the face with the hands … what a mistake! Fortunately, with the passage of time, the dictates of make-up gurus have arrived strong and clear even to “mere mortals”, who soon learned to make use of accessories and useful tools to create an incisive and precise make-up. In particular, as far as the foundation is concerned, the sponge is also widely used. Unlike the brush, the sponge absorbs a lot of product, and consequently an excessive quantity is lost with each use.

The foundation brush has definitely a few more points in favor than the sponge. An example? The duration: the foundation brush lasts much longer than a sponge, and if treated with care and washed often, it can keep its bristles intact for years. The foundation brush is also multi-purpose: when using a powder foundation or mineral foundation, the brush is the winning weapon. Obviously, since it goes well with powders, it can also be used for applying powder or earth.

Brush or sponge for foundation? – Source: 123rf

The various types of brushes: which to choose?

Have you decided to use only the foundation brush to create your base? Great. Of course, however, you can’t go to the perfumery and ask for any foundation brush … there are really many variations. Which one to understand which one is more suitable for you? Let’s see together the characteristics of each of the different brushes.

The most classic: cat tongue brushes

To make a simple base, you can use the cat tongue foundation brush. This brush is perfect for liquid foundation and to apply concealer, obviously paying attention to its size. If you already know you want to use it for the concealer, buy a small brush and possibly a second medium brush to cover the whole face.

The kabuki brush

The kabuki is a versatile foundation brush, with very soft and thick bristles. It is the most similar to the sponge due to its slight effect on the skin, and unlike foundation brushes and cat’s tongues, the kabuki leaves no annoying streaks, but compacts the color evenly on the face. There are various types and sizes of kabuki, and the choice is obviously at the discretion of the user!

Foundation brushes: kabuki brush – Source: 123rf

Mousse foundation? Try the powder brush

Incredibly, even powder brushes can prove to be excellent foundation brushes. Especially when it comes to mineral and powder foundations, the powder brush helps to have an ideal and compact application of color.

Mistakes not to be made with make-up brushes

But is laying out foundation with make-up brushes as easy as it seems? The correct answer is “it depends”. One of the most common mistakes is to directly dip the bristles of the brush into the product, and then pass it over the face. In addition to collecting an excessive amount of cream or foundation, this method is unsuccessful because it impregnates the bristles too much, risking to obtain a “mask” effect on the face. It would be better to put a small amount of product on the back of the hand and then take it with the brush from there, to better balance the whole.

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