Gwyneth Paltrow, 48 years old in “birthday suit”: completely naked


Gwyneth Paltrow turns 48 with an Instagram post in which she appears completely naked (and promotes a body butter from her company Goop)

All the "hoaxes" of Gwyneth Paltrow, from enemas to coffee to candles with the scent of vagina

Someone maliciously claims that since her film career ran aground (the last noteworthy films are those of the "Avengers" saga, in which she plays minor roles) Gwyneth Paltrow, daughter of art, known "still water" of Hollywood, it had to somehow reinvent itself. And he did it astonishing everyone, creating a Goop empire, which sells natural and organic products, ranging from cosmetics to clothing to cooking.

The problem, or perhaps luck depending on the point of view, is that in recent years Gwyneth has often ended up at the center of media attention and the news for some shots relating to its products on the market. Many times that have also cost her heavy criticism from doctors and specialists. The buffaloes of Gwyneth have become famous, from the vaginal jade eggs – recommended to the followers of the site to increase vaginal tone and hormonal balance and to improve sexual pleasure -, but also the vaporizations, always vaginal, to cleanse uterus, up to coffee enemas, panacea for intestinal health and bee stings considered excellent beauty treatments

Last in order of time, the candle with the smell of vagina, sold out within a few hours despite the high cost, and the one with the scent of orgasm.

Could the "diabolical" Gwyneth not surprise even on her 48th birthday, September 27, 2020? Obviously not. The actress has posted on her Instagram profile a photo of her completely naked, in a "birthday suit" (which would be the dress that each of us has at birth, that is, our skin), creating havoc among the followers. Including his daughter Apple, who commented with a "MOM", as if to say: "What are you doing, mom …".

Simply with my "birthday suit" today … thank you very much for the birthday wishes and thanks to the brand new @goop body butter that still allows me to show myself like this …

The very loving husband Brad Falchuk has a different opinion, who dedicated a greeting post full of sweet words to her.

This badass girl turns 48 today. She who is capable of cooking pizza from scratch, who is never late for an aperitif, who manages to look beautiful with an annoying simplicity and who never misses the opportunity to put assholes in their place. Which makes friends feel like they are his family and the family of true friends. Trust me, it's the best. Happy happy birthday, beauty. I love you. PS – if anyone reading this wants to do something for Gwyneth on her birthday, go vote!

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