Gwyneth Paltrow tries again: the orgasm-scented candle arrives

Gwyneth Paltrow tries again: the orgasm-scented candle arrives

Gwyneth Paltrow's latest gimmick: after the vagina-scented candle, the orgasm arrives. And the web has gone crazy

All the "hoaxes" of Gwyneth Paltrow, from enemas to coffee to the candle with the scent of vagina

Gwyneth Paltrow, marketing genius or "total devotee". doubt has been lingering for years, since Gwyneth began marketing absurd things on the Goop website, created to compensate for her decline as an actress. In addition to professing truths often contrary to traditional medicine, attracting the wrath of doctors and specialists.

The latest genius communicated it live with Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show: the candle that "smells like her orgasm". Daughter of the one who smelled "like her vagina", launched last January amid a thousand comments and controversies. Among other things, sold out in a few days,

"This smells like my orgasm," reads the writing on the candle, on sale for $ 75. Complete with "crackling" packaging with fireworks. (The aroma is actually an elegant mix of grapefruit juice and black currant berries, with the addition of neroli oil, Gunpowder green tea and Turkish rose).

The web, of course, has gone crazy, making #gwynethpaltrow trendy and commenting in a thousand ways, from amused to shocked: “But will the candle pretend to light …? , "So the next one will be the fragrance of" Tonight no, I have a headache. "

It's still. “Gwynet Paltrow throws the orgasm-scented candle. After the gifts start asking: did you like it? Did you like it? "#GwynethPaltrow after the #vagina essence candle throws the one with the #orgasm fragrance. The next will be the smell of cigarettes. "

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