Gym with the stroller what is it?

Gym with the stroller what is it?

To regain your physical shape after giving birth, there is the possibility of practicing gymnastics with the stroller: that's what it is and what are the exercises

After the nine months of pregnancy and childbirth, many women feel the need to dedicate some time to themselves to recover their physical form and feel at ease with the body. A new mother obviously has many commitments so it is not always easy to enroll in the gym: don't worry because there is gymnastics with a stroller.

In the last few years the number of mothers who decided to dedicate themselves to gymnastics with the stroller has increased exponentially: the gymnastic lesson lasts about an hour and when the season allows it is done outdoors with warm-up, toning exercises , stretching and relaxation. A particular attention is obviously dedicated to the back, the abdominals and the pelvic floor, to reinforce the muscles that have borne more the weight of the belly and have been more stressed. The pelvic floor in fact, if properly exercised, prevents problems related to urinary incontinence and allows to recover the elasticity for the resumption of sexual activity.

The necessary equipment for this activity consists of a pair of sneakers, a suit or anyway a comfortable clothing, lots of water to hydrate and obviously the stroller with your child. The first part of the training usually consists of a rapid march, very useful for the cardiovascular system, then we proceed with the exercises to tone the legs. Once this initial part has been completed, we dedicate ourselves to exercises for the abdomen and back: in this way every part of the body will be trained without creating excessive effort. Stroller gymnastics can be practiced, especially during mild seasons such as spring and early autumn, outdoors, especially in parks. In this way, both mother and child can also discover an authentic contact with nature, relaxing mind and body.

Stroller gymnastics: 5 exercises to perform

Those who have to approach gymnastics for the first time with a stroller need not worry because every type of exercise is done in full respect of the woman's physical condition. Here are the 5 exercises that cannot be missed:

  • the march as introductory training to stimulate the cardiovascular system;
  • at the end of the walk it continues with bending, in order to tone the legs, in particular the thighs and the calves;
  • to proceed with the sun salutation it is necessary to stand behind the stroller and hold it with both hands: the feet must be slightly apart. Then you have to tighten your belly muscles, bend your knees slightly and bring your upper body forward, pushing the stroller until the trunk is parallel to the ground. Finally, return to an upright position: this exercise strengthens the back, legs and abdomen;
  • another very useful exercise is stretching because it helps keep the spine flexible and prevent muscle tension;
  • finally, you cannot miss the squat, repeated in small series of 10: during the exercise, you must tighten the pelvic floor. Then release the musculature again before returning to an upright position, thus helping to strengthen the back, pelvis, buttocks and thighs.
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