Gyms, what can be done and what not yet from June 1st

Gyms, what can be done and what not yet from June 1st

From June 1st, gyms and swimming pools reopen: what can be done and what cannot

From 1 June the gyms reopen in compliance with the new guidelines that have been approved by the CTS and transmitted to all sports centers. Up to now, in fact, it has been possible to carry out sports activities exclusively outdoors, in the equipped gardens or on the terraces, but also to practice team sports. The government's decision is a new step forward for the return to normality after a particularly difficult period.

On 15 May the outdoor pools reopen in the yellow zone, while for those indoors it will be necessary to wait until 1 June. On this same date there will also be the go-ahead for indoor gyms with the possibility of following lessons and courses, from pilates to yoga, and to train in the weight room. What are the rules to be respected? Inside the sports centers and clubs, the temperature of all visitors must be measured, from members to insiders up to accompanying persons, preventing entry to those with a temperature above 37.5 ° C. The use of a protective mask and the presence of differentiated entry and exit routes are also mandatory.

Children must be accompanied by a family member at the most. In the areas of access to the system and transit areas, there must be dispensers with disinfectant gel. The safety rules provide for the sanitation of shared equipment and the interpersonal distance of at least one meter. Will the mask always be worn? If the customer moves from one tool or one location to another, he will have to carry it, he can only remove it at the specific time of physical activity on the spot.

Those who practice sports are advised to wash their hands frequently, not to touch the eyes, nose and mouth, sneezing, if necessary, into a handkerchief. Clothing worn during physical activity should be placed in backpacks or bags and washed separately at home. Where possible, it is best to use personalized bottles and disposable glasses, bringing the mats from home as well.

Safety distances must also be respected in the pool. Sunbeds and deckchairs will be positioned in such a way as to ensure a meter of distance between non-cohabitants. In the water it is forbidden to blow your nose, while small children must wear water-repellent diapers. The distance to be kept in the pool is 7 square meters, while outside "an area of ​​at least 10 square meters must be ensured for each umbrella".

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