Hair: 10 basic things to know

Hair: 10 basic things to know

Knowing your hair makes it easy when the mission is to find the perfect look

If you want to be your favorite hair stylist, or know why one of them is never wrong, you have to start from the raw material, from your hair. The secret to choosing the best look is not in fact the shape of the face, but the density and texture of the hair. There is nothing else more important than the structure of the hair: it is she who chooses, like a knight during the debutante ball.

There are 6 types of hair structure

There are 6 types of hair structures that can also be combined with each other: fine, straight, wavy, rough, frizzy and curly. Blond hair tends to be thinner, dark hair thicker: if you want to know if your hair is fine, just lift a few strands up, on the sides and back and see how they fall once you let go. If they fall sagging, you definitely have straight hair. Otherwise they could be thicker and more textured. Recognizing the texture of hair is the first step to study perfect hairstyles and cuts, even if every rule is born to be broken.

Curly hair? The perfect cut is the long one

Hedgehogs are difficult to manage if they are short and scaled: you risk having a very full head, while the long cut weighs them down as much as it takes to give a firm but tamed shape. A rule that must be broken if you like undisciplined curls. (Here are some tips for the right cuts).

Fine hair: the short is better

Fine hair loses volume if it is very long. However, there are people who use to wear them long and also look good, since they have round or square faces that harmonize the length. If you have a long face and fine hair, the short is definitely your cut, but also some variations from bob to mob. Not more. Your reference icon should be Charlize Theron in all its "variations".

Scaled hair?

Climbing is a cut that gives to all types of hair because it moves the wefts, gives volume and body and softens the features. The only risk is for those who wear curly hair: avoid in all ways to look like a Christmas fir tree.

Fringe: when, how and why

We are in the fringe year: are you tempted? If you have fine, straight and rough hair you can proceed, but if you are frizzy and curly, forget it unless you are willing to use the plate every morning. If you really want to dare, the fringe must be long – it must touch at least the ear – and make sure your hairdresser cuts the already dry locks, otherwise the effect can be devastating.

Natural waves

How to create beach waves in a simple and natural way and discover that even your very high hair can become wavy or even wavy. Most hair – even those that are fine and smooth – has natural waves. To discover them, just let them dry naturally in the air and move them a little with your hands to give body.

Suitable products for each!

Each hair has its beauty secret. Straight hair needs an adequate cut so as not to lose volume (climbing, of course!) And products that do not weigh down: delicate shampoo, balm on the tips only, foams and a volumizing spray or sea salt.
If you have dry hair, you have to work hard on hydration with masks, conditioners, wraps and serums.
The secret of curly and frizzy hair instead is in the use of balm that makes them soft and easily manageable.

How many washes a week?

Each should follow its own structure and not the general rules. It is generally better not to do frequent washing, but the rule can be broken if you live in big cities with pollution problems, if you have fine or greasy hair that gets dirty faster. If you have curly or frizzy hair you can also join the "no-poo" movement that opts not to wash them but only condition them. In general it would be a good idea to wash them deeply once a week and lightly during the week.

Dry them or not?

Unless you want a messy look, if you have fine and smooth hair, it is better to use an ion hair dryer and a brush to shape the hairstyle. Follow the advice for a perfect drying, but if you have curly hair you can also allow yourself to dry them in the air: the curls should never be completely domesticated (better combed in the shower with a large-mesh brush) then use a good diffuser with warm air and upside down.

One last consideration

Learn to love the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Don't complain if you don't have a lion's crest like that of your best friend, or, on the contrary, if the hedgehogs are indomitable. It is only by recognizing the true potential in you that you can bring out the best. Always.

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