Hair 2018: the colors of fashion

Hair 2018: the colors of fashion

Feel like changing your hair color? Here are the shades of fashion in 2018, from red to brown to blond

What will be the fashion colors for hair in 2018? According to Pantone, the nuance that will accompany us in this new year will be the ultra violet. As for the hair, instead, there is only the embarrassment of the choice, with so many novelties and tones that take inspiration (also) from the famous stars, from Emma Stone to Kate Middleton, without forgetting Meghan Markle.

Blond hair 2018: the colors of fashion

After months in which the blorange (nuance between orange and strawberry pink) dominated the red carpet and catwalks, it's time to say goodbye. Platinum blonde continues to be very fashionable, especially for those who dream of a super chic look, but in 2018 the blond will also welcome warmer shades. From California, and to be precise from Los Angeles, comes the beige blonde, perfect for any type of skin. The shades of gold give this color an illuminating effect, the hair takes on depth and radiates energy. If you show off hair in this shade it will be impossible not to see you!

The blond nature is back in vogue, perfect for those who are "born blonde" and just can't give up this color. It's about mixing various shades of blond, ranging from dark to very light, for a very natural effect. The other super cool shade is undoubtedly the tiger eye in a blond version, like the one sported by Ilary Blasi. It is the perfect color for those who want to highlight the features of the face and "shine". But be careful, if your face is rather "angular" it is better to avoid.

2018 red hair: fashion colors

The copper shades continue to be all the rage even in 2018 and take on even more depth if possible. The nuance on which to focus is undoubtedly the burgundy, a red with purple hues, warm and vibrant. To make it perfect it is above all the fact that it looks great with any complexion, from the very clear to the olive. If this color does not satisfy you, you can choose even more enveloping shades with light dark contrasts reminiscent of cinnamon. Try for example a brown mixed with a red: you will not be disappointed! Finally, if you want to leave everyone speechless and shake up your look, try the pumpkin spice (literally "spicy pumpkin"), a three-dimensional red born from the mix of various shades.

Brown hair 2018: the colors of fashion

The time of the broux is now over and in the coming months the browns, unlike the blond and the red, will lose their warm shades, to become more cold and intense. If you want to change color, bet on a nice moka or on dark and strong chocolate like Meghan Markle's. There is also plenty of space in the chestnut liquorice, raised in the past also by Belen Rodriguez, and coffee. If the usual color has tired you, try the chestnut, a vibrant and fun shade that blends three shades of brown, including yours, from the lightest to the darkest. It's not easy to make, but we are sure that your trusted hairdresser will make it!

As for the techniques, you will be spoiled for choice when you are in the presence of a professional in the field. For the brunettes the best is the tiger eye, which guarantees natural and super cool shades. Focus on warm tones, mixing bronze and caramel locks for an illuminating effect. In 2018, however, the most requested service will undoubtedly be the fallayage, which is inspired by the typical autumn foliage and its enveloping nuances. The secret is to mix chestnut tones with a hint of gold, for an amazing effect. It is a color that goes well with any type of cut, from very short to long: try it!

2018 black hair: fashion colors

Good news also for the blackberries, which for once will be able to do without the total black monotone, letting themselves be enveloped by new nuances and making their hair more eccentric. The top shade of 2018 is darkmauve, a brown with violet and mauve reflections, which highlights the features of the face and gives a multi-faceted result. It is a shade that can surprise and attract attention. At first glance it will seem simply that the hair is a deep black, but when the sun illuminates you, you can admire the purple shades.

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