Hair at 60: cuts, colors, products and ideas

Hair at 60: cuts, colors, products and ideas

How to show off your hair at 60? Here are the tips and ideas, but above all the right colors and cuts for this age

Who said that in sixty years you have to choose a lady look? Even at this age it is possible to experiment with cuts and colors, the important thing is to opt for the right style, do not overdo it and above all let yourself be advised by the trusted hairdresser. At sixty years the right cut can give freshness to the face and give a boost of energy to every look. Feeling feminine and beautiful is possible, just want it!

Hair 60 years: the cuts

Give up the idea of ​​a short and regular cut, without any flicker, but focus on the trends of the moment. For example, you can opt for a very short hair style at the front and longer at the back, combined with a short fringe that highlights the features of the face or a tuft, strategic for hiding some wrinkles. This cut gives its best when it's messy and a little messy.

If the short is not for you, opt for a medium cut. In this case, however, remember to strictly follow the style rules. The average length to be perfect must reach the height of the chin or the clavicles, not a centimeter more. Over time, the hairline around the forehead becomes weaker, so it is usually best to choose a fringe or a side tuft, perfect for softening the cut and highlighting the features of the face.

Who said that after sixty years you can no longer wear long hair? For some time now even the most mature women have begun to show off a long hair. An example of all? Julianne Moore, always elegant and sensual thanks to her XXL hair. His secret is a simple cut with clean lines, but above all an impeccable styling and a warm and enveloping color.

Choose the perfect long cut for you starting from the study of hair. If they are particularly fine and tend to crepe, choose low scaling, starting from the chin to the tips. If, on the other hand, your hair is particularly fluffy and rebellious, opt for internal scaling that limits the volume and tames the hair.

Hair 60 years: colors and shades

Color is a perfect ally if you want to look younger. The right nuance is enough to show ten years less. An example of this is caramel, perfect for those who are already natural brown, but also for blondes. It is a shade that really looks good on everyone, hides white hair better and promises a spectacular result.

Combine this color with a medium or long, slightly scaled cut to soften the facial features. If you have a dark complexion, instead, focus on brondie, a color the stars love. The reason? Brighten the face thanks to natural light strokes. It is a color suitable for a short or very short cut, like the bob or the pixie cut.

An olive complexion instead goes perfectly with warmer and more intense colors. For example, try a nice coppery red, dark brown or chocolate. However, the best color to hide white hair is always the blonde. If you have not tired of daring and you want to try something different, choose two shades that give you so many years less and are perfect for all women

The first is the golden melon, a gold-blond shade with red shades. Perfect to show off with any cut and hairstyle, especially with a bun at the nape or the famous beach waves. Pink champagne is also amazing, great for those with a fair complexion. It is a natural blond "lit" by soft pink menches, the ideal to shake up your own style and feel younger.

Hair 60 years: hairstyles

Which hairstyles to choose at 60? In this case, as always, the goal is to create a hair style that is elegant and never excessive. Your best friend at this age is undoubtedly the bun. Show it off soft and a little wild during a special evening or cleaner and neat for work or a family lunch. Yes also to the queue, but only on informal occasions. Not even the waves are banned, but on one condition: that they are made to perfection to avoid the "shabby effect" that is in fashion among the twenty years old.

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