Hair: do you know what co-washing is and why it's good for you?

Hair: do you know what co-washing is and why it's good for you?

The new fashion of the summer in terms of hair is the co-washing: wash your hair avoiding that too aggressive shampoos ruin them.

Hair: effective ingredients to keep them healthy

Have you already heard of co-wash and co-washing? It is a technique to cleanse the hair without being damaged by aggressive products.

Do you wash your hair every day or not?
Most shampoos on the market contain foaming ingredients that are harmful to the health of the scalp. The effect of an aggressive shampoo is to stimulate the production of sebum in oily hair and make dry hair even more dry. How can we preserve the beauty of the foliage? That it would be better to avoid washing it every day is not new, doing it every other day would already be less stressful for your hair, if you could wait a few more days (provided they are not dirty) it would be even better.

Co-washing: wash your hair without shampoo
The co-wash is a response to the need to wash your hair without damaging it. The term stands for "conditioner only wash" and in fact with this method the hair is not washed with shampoo, but with conditioner that contains less surfactants, silicones and irritants. A spoon of brown sugar is added to the balm to have a slight scrub effect. The compound obtained is in fact massaged onto the scalp to remove dandruff and impurities. However, there are richer versions where, together with balm and cane sugar, other products are mixed and applied, such as aloe and honey to obtain a more nutritious compound.

Co-wash: when and how
Each hair has its own characteristics and reacts differently to the products used for cleaning. This also applies to the co-washing indicated for those who do not have greasy hair (otherwise the balm could give an even more oily look) and for those with wavy hair. Alternating the co-wash with a wash with a neutral shampoo can be the best solution to avoid stressing your hair too much without depriving yourself of the shampoo's cleansing power. In the case of smooth and fat-colored hair, it is better to avoid the co-wash and use sodium bicarbonate mixed with a little water to obtain a creamy mixture to use as a shampoo. If you have little time to wash your hair you can also use dry shampoo.

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