Hair dyes: how to make color at home

Hair dyes: how to make color at home

Change hair color or cover white ones without going to the hairdresser

Star with gray and white hair

Tinting your hair can be a quirk or a need. There are those who do it to cover white hair and those who do it on purpose like this, those who lighten their hair (you know, dark colors harden your features especially if you are no longer young girls), who can't resist trying the nuance of moment, who dares choosing the most unlikely colors: blue, bright red, green.

Going to the hairdresser to make the color can be expensive and sometimes uncomfortable, because the hectic life leaves little time to devote to themselves. Here are some practical tips for a home-made DIY color. The fundamental rule is to always choose quality products that protect the hair and make it luminous.

Sheets of newspaper, plastic cape, gloves, hairbrush. If you choose a color that is not ready, you also need the doser for hydrogen peroxide and a small bowl to mix the color (with the colors already ready it is not necessary).


  • Put newspapers on the floor to repair the floor
  • Protect your clothes with a cape and your hands with the appropriate latex gloves
  • Apply moisturizer on the hairline around the face, to repair the skin from the "smears" of the dye
  • Divide the hair into 6/8 symmetrical locks and fix them with hair tongs
  • Start from the locks on the back of the head, passing the impregnated paintbrush. Divide each strand into smaller strands and color only the root, leaving the length alone. You can help yourself with a mirror placed behind you with a large mirror in front
  • Once a lock is finished let it fall down and proceed with the other locks in succession, until they are all impregnated to the root. You can help yourself with the comb or with the spout of the same color to do all the roots well
  • Leave to rest for 10 minutes before switching to lengths
  • To color the lengths you can use two methods: pass the color on the lengths, if it is very different from the usual, or spread it at the end by combing the hair and emulsifying with very little warm water
  • Once the exposure time is over, just wet the hair and, always wearing gloves, massage the product you have in your head like a shampoo. Then rinse with warm water
  • If you have used a ready-to-use color, apply the fixing cream you find in the package. If you have used a professional dye in the tube, apply a hair mask and let it act as long as possible, even while taking a bath or shower: the steam will help make it work better.

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