Hair Face Framing: the new lightening technique that frames the face

Hair Face Framing: the new lightening technique that frames the face

Face Framing is the new hair contouring technique to highlight the features of each face, only by lightening them

There are many techniques for lightening hair, the most famous in recent years is perhaps balayage. And that's where the Face Framing trend starts, a lightening that literally frames the face. Just like the contouring achieved with makeup, this technique allows you to enhance any face by placing strands that are lighter than your base color.

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Illuminate the face with artfully placed strands to frame the face, in fact, whatever its shape. It is a technique much loved by the stars, because it gives softness and sweetness to the features, but it highlights the eyes and lips. From Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner, passing through Dua Lipa, which re-proposes the look with more clearly lightened locks, the Chunky Streaks, in perfect 90s style. Yes, because with this technique it is possible to outline the face not only with natural colors, but also with more particular ones, such as baby pink, lilac or pastel blue, among the most popular.

To highlight the features, just study the shape of the face and place the lightening from there. On a long face, for example, it is better to lighten the locks naturally from the root to the cheekbones, to shorten it optically. On the contrary, on a round face it is better to opt for lightening starting from the chin and going down on all lengths and ends. For square faces, it is better to opt for the more natural version of lightening, to soften the angular features, concentrating from the root to the tips.

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It is therefore a real contouring technique, just like you can sculpt your face with bronzer and bronzer to rebalance it. The effect can be very natural, by choosing a color slightly lighter than your natural one and accompanying it with streaks and highlights all over the head, to harmonize them better. Or, as the trend of the moment wants, you can concentrate them only sideways, lightening only two locks on the sides of the face, while maintaining a natural shade. Or, in contrast, by choosing platinum locks a bit in the style of Geri Haliwell from the Spice Girls.

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Not only blond and golden, even dark hair can use the Face Framing technique to highlight their features. It is enough to choose a color that harmonizes with your natural, for example a light copper on red hair, a chocolate color on darker hair or a red brown.

The right cut, then, can enhance this technique even more, adding scaling, fringe or tufts to rebalance each stroke even more, for a personalized and always perfect look.

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