Hair: in order not to lose them, take care of them when they are beautiful

A beautiful hair is a source of pride for every woman and often one is led to think that it is enough to use the right shampoo and conditioner, a few brush strokes to keep this heritage intact over the years. In reality few perhaps know that even the hairlike the whole body, age. Their consistency is transformed.

After the age of 40, the skin begins to change progressively and starts to mark, well this also happens to the hair. And the phenomenon goes beyond the appearance of a few gray or white threads. The scalp ecosystem deteriorates over the years. A very common attitude is to try to run for cover when the hair has already suffered significant damage and to expect from some supplement or restorative product the miracle of moving back the hands of time. It is therefore important “Take care of your hair when it’s there” as the professor says Mauro Barbareschidermatologist and researcher of the Universityto of Milan and the Maggiore Policlinico Hospital.

Professor, how can we intervene promptly to keep hair healthy and beautiful?

First of all, it should be clarified that there are no miraculous recipes to stop hair aging which, like the rest of our body, is affected by the passing of the years. What we can do, however, is age well, slowing the damage that can result from poor care. We must act before the years leave their first signs. This also serves to avoid subsequently falling into the traps of those who promise amazing treatments and who instead only waste energy and money.

So what to do?

In medicine, programming is fundamental. Whether I am going to be a healthy senior, I decide when I am young. Certain decisions must be made at the right time, because time is not given back to us. It is physiological for hair to age and change.

When does hair aging begin?

The process starts with puberty, already at that moment everything changes. First the individual lives in a suspended situation. With puberty, hormones activate the motor of the hair follicle. An activated structure undergoes wear. Hair begins to use up the energy it is equipped with to last a number of years. Many think of hair as an entity detached from the body, unassailable by the passage of time. But then they go into crisis when the mirror reflects an image different from the past.

When does the first damage occur?

Hair begins to thin and become brittle between the ages of 30 and 40. A slow process begins which is evident with menopause, around the age of 50. This also applies to men. The hair structure weakens.

Is it possible to intervene effectively at that moment?

Yes, you can intervene, but it is one thing to stimulate an aged element, it is quite another to do it when it is young. The answer is different. For this I will never tire of repeating that you have to take care of your hair when it is beautiful if you want to keep the beauty as long as possible. It is ineffective to act on an emotional basis, when we see them fragile and thinned out. Often, however, patients have exaggerated expectations compared to real possibilities.

When should you start taking care of your hair?

Around 30 years old you begin to be aware that your hair is changing. Taking action and taking care of the hair does not mean thinking of being able to change its structure. Those with thin hair will continue to have it that way. The dermatologist must indicate a path that is not unique for everyone but varies according to the characteristics of each one.

What causes the most damage over the years?

Many think that the most difficult time is washing. It is actually thedrying. Hair is often subjected to stress with the use of straighteners and high-temperature hairdryers. Proper drying should preferably be done in the air, although I understand that it is difficult. Hair is not endowed with infinite resistance, it is very fragile structures. Care must be taken with the daily management. Sun exposure is also not good for you.

Does hair like skin suffer from the sun’s rays?

Ultraviolet rays are not good for hair. It is therefore good to protect them with hats.

What treatments are useful for slowing down aging?

You have to go to stimulate the hair locally with infiltrative therapies. As with the skin, you can use thehyaluronic acid with periodic infiltrations to regenerate the scalp. You can add substances found in supplements, such as amino acids, antioxidants And minerals to be conveyed in the deep dermis through hyaluronic acid. But be clear: aging does not stop but you can age better.