Hair: long vs short, advantages and disadvantages

Hair: long vs short, advantages and disadvantages

Each woman has her own style, but there is no doubt that the war between short hair and long hair is always open. Which side are you on?

From an unsuspected time there are those who prefer to wear long hair giving a thousand reasons to support and some short ones, attributing this choice to as many reasons. To these are added the reasons "of male taste" that we will not investigate in this article, because we like to think that in terms of style your partner should not put your nose. Then if you want to seduce him by following him … he considers hair-style an extra weapon that adds to the look, scents and sensuality.

1. Long hair vs short hair: the advantages of shorts

The most common adjective when it comes to short hair is "comfortable". Short hair is easy to handle on many occasions: they are easy to comb, to wash, to dry. They are absolutely indicated for the "summer time" especially when the blue of the sea becomes irresistible. We could spend hours talking about the benefits of short hair on a sailboat, camping around the world, when the wind is blowing like in Trieste and when the rain is falling and you know that frizz doesn't give any woman, not even Gisele Bundchen. The beauty of shorts is that you can change style however you want: a structuring foam when you want the volume, a gel or a wax when you prefer the wet look. And style is always guaranteed if the cut and color are trendy. The second recurring adjective for short hair? Definitely "cool".

2. Long hair vs short hair: the disadvantages of shorts

The obvious disadvantage is that, if you decide to change, it is not so immediate. Playing on color is simple, but making them grow again requires a session from the hair stylist for the extension. If you want something special, you have to rely on your creativity and go for trendy headbands or headbands suitable for short hairstyles, fashion hairpins and nice clothes pegs. The other disadvantage is the difficulty in making them regrow: the problem is not in patience in the face of a regrowth of a centimeter a month, but in keeping them "in order" and finding a cut that from time to time allows you to leave the house without it being clear that you are in the moment of transition from short to long.

3. Long hair vs short hair: the advantages of long hair

Versatile, feminine, suitable for a thousand hairstyles: braids, crops, tails and half bun. You can play as you want and whenever you want. You get tired and collect them in a bun, you want to keep them loose, just a plate to be at the top. Do you prefer a half harvest? Just an elastic to keep in your pocket: the messy effect is still the fashion show trend. And then long hair is everyone's favorite antistress: playing with the strands, caressing the hair on the lengths and being caressed by those who love you: a cuddle among the cuddles.

4 Long hair vs short hair: the disadvantages of long hair

If the advantages of long hair are many, just as many, if not more, are the disadvantages. Starting with the care process. Drying and styling take a long time and if you mess up, you have to start all over again. If you do not dry them perfectly they ripple, and then they tend to ruin very quickly, so oils, balms, nourishing masks and specific natural mixes are never enough. As soon as the split ends peep out, you have to check them, to the delight of your hairdresser. Even getting a bulky hair is sometimes very difficult if you have long and thin hair: a mousse is not always enough as for short hair.

Long or short? If you are undecided, you can always opt for a choice of measure: in medio stat virtus said the ancients, and in fact the bob – and all its declinations – is still a trend to ride.

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