Hair oil: why use it

Hair oil: why use it

Rich in nutrients, oil is good for the hair. Find out how to use it

Oil-based beauty products are one of the great innovations of recent years. Seen in the past with suspicion because they were considered too "heavy", they were cleared through customs because we are aware of the great properties that oils contain and we know the characteristics of each one. From "local" ones such as extra virgin olive oil or almond oil to exotic ones such as coconut oil, argan oil or jojoba oil, each is a small concentrate of substances important for health and beauty.

Lately hair depopulated and beauty addicts have already started testing the many products available. To divide between lovers and haters is the fear of the "greasy" effect: there are those who fear to find themselves with heavy hair even immediately after having washed them and those who have found the nourishment that their hair tending to dry up and break.

Choose a pure oil

A recommendation: if you are looking for an oil that heals the hair, choose a pure oil. Those that also contain synthetic substances such as parabens or silicones are products to be used for styling, so they make the hair look more beautiful, but their effect is temporary and does not really improve them.

In which season to use an oil

The oil has the power to protect hair from external aggressions by creating a film that isolates them. The best time to use oil is summer, when you go on vacation at the sea and sun and salt can weaken them. But even in the mountains, winter, sun and cold can wear them out, so don't forget to put a good oil in your beauty if you're going on a skiing holiday.

Does your hair need oil?

If you have brittle hair, which tends to break, perhaps due to many hairdressing treatments, it is time to put the restructuring qualities of a good oil into play. Coconut oil is perfect to apply on the tips, but rather heavy, so use it sparingly. Argan oil, on the other hand, rich in Omega-3 and 6, is not greasy, so you can also use it for styling dry hair.

An oil to stimulate growth

If you want to see your hair grow stronger, focus on almond oil, it is very rich in nutrients like vitamin E and fights fragility. If you have stressed hair, give yourself a pack and then carefully remove it with a mild shampoo.

An oil to rebalance the scalp

If you have a dandruff problem in addition to weak and stressed hair, jojoba oil can help you. Very regenerating and moisturizing, it can be applied to the skin to balance sebum production, with a surprising cooling effect. Even wheat germ oil, although a little heavier than jojoba oil, is recommended for those with itching problems: use it as a compress to be applied at least 15 minutes before shampooing.

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