Hair style: middle or side line? Here's how to choose

Hair style: middle or side line? Here's how to choose

Your hairstyle doesn't convince you anymore is you wanting something new? Sometimes it takes little to revolutionize the look, just change the line

When we talk about hair, we pay a lot of attention to how to choose the right color, but perhaps not so much to a central element for our look that we take for granted, also because we often carry it with us for years: it's the line of hair, a choice which for many is a true religion that would never change. But if the desire for novelty advances, nothing prevents you from doing some tests: the result could surprise you.

On the catwalk we saw everything: Dolce & Gabbana, Alberta Ferretti, Dior and Calvin Klein chose the central lines, while Michael Kors, Hermès and Louis Vuitton focused on the side ones. Free all, therefore, bearing in mind the bases: the row in the center tends to slender, so it suits the round and square faces, the side one enhances the longer faces, emphasizing the cheekbones. From here, the combinatorial possibilities are endless.

If your face is heart-shaped, so rather round but with a small and tapered chin, based on the length of the hair: if you have long hair, try the line in the center, highlighting the cheekbones and the symmetry of the face. If, on the other hand, you have short hair and fear that your face appears too "round", move the line to the side, so you will take advantage of the optical effect and your face will be slimmer.

If your face is square, but rather angular, the central line can emphasize this feature. Try the side line, it can smooth the corners and give a softer look to the face. Round face? The line in the middle is perfect for you, as we mentioned, but if your face is small, the hair doesn't have much volume and maybe you have a short cut, it revolutionizes your look: try the "extreme" side line, give movement and volume to the hair and creates a very elegant effect.

If you have an oval and long face, to dampen this stretch, point on the side line, which softens the features. But if in addition to being oval, your face is perfectly symmetrical, the line in the center can only enhance its perfection: Bianca Balti docet.

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