Hair summer 2016: cuts, colors and trends for the season

Hair summer 2016: cuts, colors and trends for the season

Hair summer 2016: a journey through fashion trends suitable not only for those who want to dare, but also to those who prefer simple and original cuts

Hair summer 2016: every day more and more new fashions and trends stand out, sometimes irresistible able to fascinate even the most disinterested women. Daring with new dyes and hairstyles proves to be a real temptation. But it is not always easy to find the cut and color suitable for your hair. There are indeed many factors to consider when you want to dare with a new idea in order to give a touch of style to your look.

Precisely for this reason, here are the most glamorous trends of spring / summer 2016 ready to surprise and inspire even women who are completely devoid of ideas. Those who can not do without the inevitable fringe, can opt for "Genny", an exclusive trend that includes a cheeky cut of medium length with a long fringe that falls on the eyes, almost up to cover them. To enrich this hairstyle is a pleasant shade of chestnut with a play of shades between blond and copper.

"Chicca Lualdi" is the trend suitable for those who prefer long hair. A more than simple style, in which a very accurate middle row stands out from which a long, smooth and shiny crown descends. "Blue Girl" is instead the hairstyle suitable for those who prefer a medium-length scaled cut, embellished with the presence of natural waves. Who said women have to wear long hair? Even short hair can in fact transmit charm and seduction, as they highlight the face and all its features.

Therefore, women who are tired of fighting with their hair through the constant use of comb, brush, plate and heavy washes may dare to cut too short. Here in the 2016 hair trends "Gucci" stands out. This is a new fashion that is spreading more and more and provides for a very short cut characterized by copper blond hair. If you have a fair complexion, it may be the solution for you. Finally, those who can't help but show off with a captivating and gritty look inspired by punk fashion, can opt for the brand new 2016 Max Mara hair trend which includes a silvery blond color with wavy and rebellious locks.

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