Hair, the hairstyling is the new trend that depopulates on the web

Hair, the hairstyling is the new trend that depopulates on the web

The latest fashion was born on Instagram and turn the hair into works of art with drawings made with stencils

Hair, the hairstyling is the latest summer trend

Are you a hair freak and you always want the latest fashion hairstyle? All you have to do is consult Instagram. The current trend is called hairstencil or stenciledhair. After the ice-blue hair that depopulated last winter, your summer hair will be transformed into real works of art.

The creator of this new trend, which is becoming an obsession on the web, is the hairstylist Janine Ker. She invented designs to make on her hair with stencils. Originally from Texas, Janine makes her creative heads first on sheets of paper and then switches to her hair. To see his creations or those of others and take inspiration just type #hairstencil on Instagram and you will be submerged by colored foliage with drawn flowers, clouds, geometric figures.

So if you want to rejuvenate the classic bob, you can try your hair in polka dots (otherwise if you are more traditional, get inspired by Caterina Balivo). To make them you will need temporary sprays and mascara and real colors.

Of course, the hairstyling isn't really an easy to wear hairstyle, but if your aim is to amaze, then it's for you.

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