Hair: to wash them like at the hairdresser do this

In addition to washing, the shampoo must make the hair more beautiful. Just get the right product right and use it well. Here are the tips of Elisa Mulashair stylist, to wash and dry all hair types in the best way.

  • If the hair is curly and poorly defined

    Dilute a knob of product in a little water, massage gently on the scalp and pass the lengths between the hands from roots to ends, as if to caress them. No conditioner. After rinsing, pat with a soft towel and apply a moisturizing cream mask from length to tip to align cuticles. After 5 minutes, slide your fingers through the strands, then rinse.

    Beauty tip
    Before shampooing, once a week, make a compress with argan oil on the lengths and ends. Wrap your hair in a cloth and hold on for 10 minutes.

  • If the hair is frizzy and unruly

    Use a product without foam; put a little on various points of the head and then add the water; massage with your fingertips in a circular direction, without rubbing. Don’t wash your hair upside down because in this way the scales open and make them wrinkle. Apply a leave-in conditioner using a wide-toothed wooden comb, which doesn’t create friction like plastic.

    Beauty tip Wrap your wet hair in a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt (the so-called “plopping technique”) or a microfiber turban: the sponge absorbs too much water and worsens the frizz.

  • If your hair gets dirty right away

    You can wash them every other day with a double shampoo. First, massage a handful of Dead Sea salts into your scalp once a week. While shampooing, apply gentle pressure with your fingertips for a minute, then rinse with warm water: the hot one stimulates the sebaceous glands. Put the conditioner only on the lengthschoosing it with an absorbing and normalizing action.

    Beauty tip Rinse your hair until it “creaks” between your fingers: this is a sign that there are no product residues left on the stem.

  • If you want super smooth hair

    Wash your hair in the morning: in the evening, with the rubbing of the pillow, they lose their smooth effect and, if they remain damp, they take on creases while you sleep. After cleansing, she applies a leave-in smoothing conditioner. She massages her hair as if to caress it, then comb it, pat it dry with a towel and dry by accompanying the brush from roots to ends with the hot jet of the hairdryer, from top to bottom.

    Beauty tip If you want super-smooth hair for one evening, wash it with conditioner: a walnut is enough to distribute strand by strand.

  • If you have thin hair and want more volume

    Choose a moisturizing cleanser and massage it without rolling the hair on your head, otherwise it gets tangled: the foam will slide down the lengths, cleaning them up to the ends. Then rinse and apply the conditioner, leaving it on for a few minutes so you give it time to penetrate. Ideal the texture in moussewhich does not weigh down.

    Beauty tip Use the hair dryer as little as possible, 15 centimeters away and never at maximum power, with final jets of cold air. Move the nozzle all over your head, without holding it still on the same point. To create volume use the diffuser or the ionizer.

  • If the hair is colored

    After dyeing, the hair structure undergoes chemical alterations and loses part of its protective layer: choose specific shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Do not use very hot water which opens the cuticles and dulls the hair structure. If the color is clear, make the last rinse with cold water and a last stream with sparkling water. On dark colors, the last jet is done with apple cider vinegar. When drying, point the hair dryer downwards, to revive and highlight the color.

    Beauty tip Avoid combing upside down because in this case the scales that make up the hair shaft open and prevent light reflection. Work from root to tip with a wide-toothed wooden comb.

What to do in case of dandruff

Reactivate the circulation by alternating fresh and hot water and massage the skin, insisting between the ear and the nape, with light circular movements. The final rinse with cold water promotes the narrowing of the lumen of the sebaceous glands. Use conditioner or mask only if prescribed by the trichologist. If possible, air dry: the heat of the hairdryer accelerates the dispersion of fatty substances on the head.

Beauty tip Eliminate dusty or greasy residues with a scrub every two weeks. With the palm of your hand, make gentle circular movements all over the scalp to relax the skin. Then apply the product and, starting from the forehead, perform a rotary massage with the palm of your hand, continue on the temple area and finish at the nape of the neck. Starting from the temporal area, slide your fingers up to the nape of the neck. Continue all over your head. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse.

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