Haircuts suitable for a round face

Haircuts suitable for a round face

The haircut for a round face will no longer be a problem following our advice. Let's find out which are the most 'in' cuts to enhance this type of face

Finding the haircut for a round face may seem difficult and there are many girls and women with this type of face who, faced with a change of hairstyle, ask themselves with a little anxiety; "Will it make my face long enough or will it make it look squat?" In fact, the relationship between the shape of the face and the hairstyle is based on the proportions, which in a round face are particular since height and width are equal.

The watchword when looking for a haircut for a round face is therefore to stretch and "sharpen", acting on the shape of the hairstyle but also on the volume of the hair, whether short or long, smooth or wavy. But what are the best haircuts for a round face, and how can they be done for those who don't want to use a hairdresser? Let's see together which are the most trendy solutions.

Let's start with the length first; if you have a round face, is it better to wear long or short hair? In this case, fashion generally favors a middle way, with hair scaled to the shoulders, to make the oval of the face more slender and harmonize the lines. However, as we will see, there are also numerous shorter cuts that will look great on women or girls with round faces.

In a round face the cheeks are more prominent and help to increase the feeling of "shortening" of the face, which is why we must avoid concentrating the volumes of hair around this part of the face. A solution of sure effect and much appreciated is that of blending the strands along the sides of the face, working instead on the volume at the root, to "raise" the hair and thus rebalance the volumes of the face.

Yes to slightly wavy and airy hairstyles that fall along the neck, but do not overdo it; too thick and voluminous curls would only have the effect of "exploding" around the face creating a "mane" effect which, in the case of a haircut for a round face, definitely does not give the image. But it also 'banned' opposite excesses, with excessively smooth hair and, consequently, an insufficient 'curtain' effect to scan volumes and lengths.

As for the hairstyles, it has always been said that those with a round face should avoid the hairstyles like braids or buns like the plague; in reality this is not entirely true. You can safely take your hair back even if you have a round face, just a few tricks; we leave free strands along the sides of the face and work mainly on those, with a "trend" and disheveled cut.

Similar discourse for braids that should never be too rigidly symmetrical; for the haircut of a round face it is definitely better to opt for more casual styles, so yes to very large braids and country style parades, also playing on the contrast between empty and full, lights and shadows. This aspect also applies to colors; better to avoid too uniform colors and opt for streaks and highlights.

Fringe yes or no? As for the hair gathered, the tendency has always been to advise against fringes to those with round faces; in fact this hairstyle would risk to "shorten" further the proportions, making the face oval appear wider than it is. The secret, if you have a round face and still want to show off a tuft or a fringe, is once again that of fading; also prefer light, casual side fringes.

And if our passion is short hair, let's not despair; also this type of cut, with a bit of attention, can adapt perfection to the shape of our face. Once again we prefer shaded hairstyles and scalings, and we avoid too compact volumes. The cuts to the boy or "a folletto" (from the English pixie cut), if sculpted in the right way, give vitality and character to a round face and are very trendy.

We have seen that shades and scaling are the most important aspect in a round face haircut, but how can we make them? To obtain a cut and sparkling cut the hairstylists advise the use not only of the appropriate scissors for taking off, but also of razor and fray. The hair must be perfectly dry and clean; if you intend to take them off yourself, after having washed them, avoid applying products for the fold, which would change the volume and risk ruining the cut.

Proceed to select a lock of hair, no bigger than your fist, and stop the others with a clothespin or collect in a ponytail. At this point, use the scissors to start thinning out the volume; parts from the middle of the hair and proceed towards the tips, with sharp scissor bumps but not too far apart. Repeat the same procedure for the other strands until you have scaled all the hair, then use the razor or the sfilzino to better define the tips and the base of the hair.

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