Halloween, 10 thrilling phrases and quotes

Halloween, 10 thrilling phrases and quotes

On Halloween night you might find some themed quotes for scary cards and creepy messages useful – here are a few

Ready to face the scariest night of the year? Between terrifying disguises, masks, horror movies and pranks ready to intimidate friends and family, you may find some themed quotes useful, for scary cards or for creepy messages suitable for Halloween night.

Halloween, the origins of the party

Halloween is celebrated on the night between October 31st and November 1st: the festival has very ancient origins, Celtic to be precise, and was not imported from the United States as is usually thought. The term Halloween derives from All-Hallows-Eve, or Night before All Saints: In archaic English the party was called All Hallows Day, while the Scottish variant is precisely Halloween.

The holiday was used to celebrate the end of summer and to thank the spirits of the dead for the summer harvest. According to the ancient Celts, the night of October 31st, which marked the end of the summer, allowed to open the barriers between the living and the dead, and thus it was possible to communicate with the world of the Underworld.

In 840, under Pope Gregory IV, the Catholic Church officially instituted the feast of All Saints on November 1, probably a choice made to create continuity with the past, superimposing the new Christian feast on the older one. After Protestantism had interrupted the tradition of All Saints, in the Anglo-Saxon context Halloween continued to be celebrated as a secular holiday.

The festival then spread to the United States from the mid-nineteenth century, especially due to Irish immigration, until it became, in the twentieth century, one of the main American holidays. Halloween thus passed from a religious ritual to a consumerist and secular party, between costume parties with a purely horror theme, carved pumpkins, witches and the famous trick or treat of children.

Halloween, the 10 thrilling phrases

  • Halloween is the day when we remember that we live in a small corner of light surrounded by the darkness of what we do not know. A little tour outside the perception used to seeing only a certain path, a little glimpse into that darkness (Stephen King)
  • Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see (Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Each of us is a moon, has a dark side that never shows anyone (Mark Twain)
  • Now is the time of the witches in the night, when the cemeteries yawn and hell itself breathes the contagion on this world (William Shakespeare)
  • There is something disturbing in the moonlight tonight; has all the lack of passion of a bodyless soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery (Joseph Conrad)
  • You don’t have to be a room to be haunted. There is no need to be a home. The brain has corridors that go beyond the material place (Emily Dickinson)
  • Halloween falls in November because nature dies this month. It is about exorcising death, taming it, and thinking about one’s own (Anonymous)
  • Halloween falls in November because nature dies this month. It’s about exorcising death, taming it, and thinking about your own (Stephen King)
  • If the night is black, it is so that nothing can distract us from our nightmares (Bill Watterson)
  • I believe that we too, all of us, are nothing but ghosts (Henirk Ibsen)
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