Halloween is coming: here are some ideas for looks

Halloween is coming: here are some ideas for looks

Witches, pumpkins and skeletons: the scariest night of the year arrives!

Halloween is coming and, virus permitting, we may want to dress up, if only to play trick or treat with our children. But how to avoid purchasing unnecessary items, which we would then leave in the closet all year round because we would not know how to reuse? Here are some tips for you.

Halloween is coming, here are some ideas for looks: start with what you have

Open your closet and look for the one that seems most suitable, even thinking by color. Not just black, but also red, or yellow, or orange, or purple. If you do not have a very specific costume, this kind of colors brings to mind pumpkins, blood, witches … Also try to think by fantasies: the stripes, for example, recall the witch socks and the Pugsley Addams shirt .

Halloween is coming: here are some ideas for looks

Pinko dress and bag, HTC belt, Woolrich combat boots, Collistar mascara

Once you have done a good selection in the wardrobe, try to compose your look: do you want to look like Wednesday Addams? A little black dress, opaque stockings, Mary Jane and a pair of braids will do just fine. Do you want to play his mother Morticia? Recover the old long black evening dress you haven't worn for centuries and put on red nail polish and lipstick. Witches & Co.? As Harry Potter teaches, any kind of extravagant witch clothing works. And don't disdain the dear old sheet for ghosts: your children will appreciate it (I guarantee you!).

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Halloween is coming, here are some ideas for looks: do not forget the make-up and accessories

If you have to buy something, limit yourself to the iconic accessories: a witch's hat, some fake cobwebs, witty circles … things that you can put in a box on top of the Christmas decorations and that you will recover next year. Another thing: don't forget the trick! With a black pencil and lipstick you can work wonders. On Pinterest you will find dozens of tutorials for every difficulty level: have fun!

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