Halloween Nail Art: “masked” nails for the witches' night

Halloween Nail Art: “masked” nails for the witches' night

Halloween: scary nails!

Quality often lies in the details. So here is that for a night of the respectable witches, in addition to the costumes (Halloween: the most beautiful VIP disguises), even the manicure, and our nails, can disguise themselves in a "horrifying" way with highly effective results. Nail art for Halloween is served.

Must colors of the glazes, of course, black (normal or glittery), orange and blood red. Who has a steady hand and precision of stroke, could try his hand by drawing small cobwebs or skulls with a white top coat over the black base, with a small brush. Or small pumpkins, obtained with an orange lacquer. Or orange base and black decorations. To apply the decorations, you can help yourself with eyebrow tweezers. Tiny skulls can also be recreated with small swarosky, for a horrifying but trés chic effect.

Another idea? Clear base and with the red blood effect leaking on the tip of the nail. Those who do not have the time and desire to try their hand at precision and "miniature" works can indulge themselves with the numerous special glazes found on the market: from those that glow in the dark, to cracked ones (ie crack effect. Using a black one above). a red base you can get the lava effect, for example), very fashionable to those with real special effects: magnetic, hologram, mirror, 3d.

Otherwise, you can indulge yourself with the stickers: in this case too many brands have created various types, also with a Halloween theme.The ideal is to glue them on a black base.And then you want to exaggerate, you can opt for elongated nails, to almond, for a witch's claw effect. Like those loved by Lady Gaga and Lana del Ray, colored black and decorated with small square studs right at the root.

After that, celebrated Halloween, you can continue to have fun with your hands, following all the news in terms of nail polishes and nails, trends for the autumn-winter 2013-2014

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