Halloween night: ideas for a look… scary and sustainable!

Halloween night: ideas for a look… scary and sustainable!

Here are some sustainable Halloween themed ideas for the scariest night of the year!

The scariest night of the year is coming: Halloween! What to wear? Here are some look ideas for you!


Generally, when it comes to disguises, people rush to the shops to buy this or that, specifically for the party in question. Very often purchases are destined to remain in the closet, making volume for nothing and perhaps ending up being thrown away … only to be bought back a couple of years later, because they are needed again. Why not think of a Halloween outfit made up of pieces that can also be worn at other times of the year? Looks could be created with garments that we already wear or even with ad hoc purchases, but taken with the aim of bringing them to other contexts, in order to make the most of them. In the end, the sense of a functional and sustainable wardrobe is just that: to make the most of what we have!

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas

Des Phemmes feather dress, Veronica Iorio leather dress and skirt, Alessandro Enriquez vest, Le Pandorine bag

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas: the knitted dress

The knitted dress, both tight and soft, if you choose it in black, will be wearable both on Halloween night and on any winter day! Just change the accessories. On Halloween you can wear black combat boots or knee-high over-the-knee boots, or, if the look you are looking for is a bit Wednesday Addams style, you can wear sheer stockings, a white blouse and a pair of black Mary Janes.

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas

Heart of Zeus

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas: the long dress

The long black dress lends itself very well to interpret Morticia Addams, a witch, but also the corpse bride: obviously the make-up here will play the lion’s share! Very clear base, very black eyes and red lipstick are essential for the first look, while for the second and third the dark circles and emaciated makeup will work, together with a pointy hat. Here too, it is the accessories that allow you to manage the party-themed look or not. For Halloween, you can wear black stilettos and a cape, while to play down the dress in an everyday context, you can wear bikers or amphibians and overlay a long vest.

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas

Veronica Iorio

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas: the star garment

A dress or a star patterned skirt is a great idea for Halloween! With black stockings, cape and pointed hat you will be a perfect witch, in the office instead you can wear those garments with opaque black stockings, a white shirt and moccasins with chunky soles.

Halloween night, sustainable look ideas

Alessandro Enriquez

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